Cambridge 7 TEST 1

1. rely on=depend on 依靠v.

2. avoid=stay away=keep away=steer clear of=make a detour 避免v.

3. die out=extinct=disappear=no longer exist 灭绝 v.

4. hunt=search for=look for=try to find=in search of 打猎v.

5. limb=arm or leg=body=organ 四肢 n.

6. perceive=sense=see=spot=become aware of=observe 感知,感觉v.

7. calculate=measure=work out=figure=estimate=access 计算v.

8. detection=finding=observation 探测 n.

9. coin=invent=make=create=come up with 发明,创造 v.

10. inaccurate=incorrect=wrong=misleading 不精确的 adj.

11. revision=change=shift=reform=alteration 改进 n.

12. downward=fall=drop=downhill 下降的 adj.

13. increasing=soaring=growing=rising 上升的adj.

14. primarily=mainly=largely=chiefly=principally 主要地 adv.

15. due to=because of=as a result of=thanks to=owing to 因为

16. decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降v.

17. radical=not traditional=new=unconventional 激进的adj.

18. prior to=beforehand=before=in advance=on the eve of 之前

19. demanding=difficult=hard=challenging=tough 要求高的,艰难的 adj.

20. well known=notorious=famous=renowned 著名的 adj.

21. admit=acknowledge=confess=to tell the truth 承认 v.

22. be similar to=like=resemble=bear a resemblance to=akin to 相似 v.

23. result in=lead to=cause=give rise to=bring about 引发,导致

24. sophisticated=advanced=high-tech=complex=complicated 复杂的

25. address=solve=deal with=handle 处理 v.

26. imitate=copy=impersonate=follow one’s example 模仿 v.

27. maintain=continue=carry on=keep up=preserve 维持 v.

28. feed=eat=have=chew=swallow=consume 喂食 v.

29. illustrate=show=demonstrate=make clear=reflect 说明 v.

30. memorise=learn=commit something to memory 记忆 v.

31. conventional=traditional=conformist=conservative 传统的 v.

32. notice=see=spot=be aware of=be conscious of 注意到 v.

33. retain=keep=save=hold on to 保持 v.

34. convince=persuade=win sb. over=satisfy 使确信 v.

35. spectacular=impressive=imposing=striking=grand 壮观的 adj.

Cambridge 7 TEST 2

1. interior=inner=inside 内部的 adj.

2. change=shift=alter=transfer 改变v.

3. establish=build=found=set up=start 建立 v.

4. official=authority=leader=supervisor 官员 n.

5. isolated=inaccessible=distant=remote=faraway 隔离的, 边远的 adj.

6. collapse=fall=fall over=fall down 倒塌 v.

7. destroy=devastate=wreck=obliterate 毁灭 v.

8. absorb=digest=take in=assimilate 吸收 v.

9. severe=serious=stiff=heavy 严重的 adj.

10. purify=refine=distill 净化 v.

11. hidden=disguised=concealed=veiled 隐藏的 adj.

12. decline=decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降 v.

13. deteriorate=get worse=go down=decline 变坏 v.

14. recognize=know=identify=pick out 认出 v.

15. conclude=summarize=come to/reach the conclusion 得出结论 v.

16. adapt to=get used to=become accustomed to=adjust to 适应 v.

17. initiate=start=launch=open=set in motion 开始,发起 v.

18. refer to=mention=allude to=touch on 提到 v.

19. identify=name=recognize=diagnose 确定,认同 v.

20. request=demand=claim=petition=appeal 要求 n.

21. be divided into=separate=split=break up=break down 分开 v.

22. consist of=be made up of=be composed of=comprise 由…组成

23. hinder=hamper=impede 阻碍 v.

24. objective=aim=purpose=goal=target 目标 n.

25. implement=carry on=execute=put sth. Into practice 实行 v.

26. promote=encourage=help=aid 促进 v.

27. warn=caution=alert=give sb. a warning 警告 v.

28. observation post=watchtower 瞭望塔 n.

29. access=entrance=entryway=way in 通路,进入 n.

Cambridge 7 TEST 3

1. cause=reason=factor=origin=root 原因 n.

2. measure=weigh=time=take=read 测量 v.

3. route=motorway=highway=expressway 车道 n.

4. exclude=omit=miss out=leave out=drop 排除在外 v.

5. renewable=sustainable=recycling=environmentally friendly 可再生的 adj.

6. exist=there is/are=be found=occur 存在 v.

7. limit=restrict=constrain=confine=keep to 限制 v.

8. boundary=border=edge=outskirts=frontier 边界 n.

9. allow for=make sth. Possible 使…成为可能

10. proposal=suggestion=recommendation=proposition 提议 n.

11. urban=city=town=municipal 城市的 adj.

12. odour=smell=stench=stink 味道 n.

13. find one’s way=navigate 导航 v.

14. bearing=position=standing 方位 n.

15. exchange=share=distribute 分享 v.

16. waste=unwanted materials=rubbish=garbage=trash 废物 n.

17. dental=teeth 牙齿的 adj.

18. priority=preferential=the most important=overriding 优先 n.

19. encourage=promote=help=support=be supportive 鼓励 v.

20. explore=look for=discuss=think 探索 v.

21. factor=cause=reason=root=origin 因素 n.

22. cultivate=grow=raise 培养 v.

23. convert=modify=transfer=adapt=customize 转变 v.

24. digest=take in=absorb=assimilate 消化 v.

25. preserve=protect=keep=store=keep sth. In storage 保存,保护 v.

26. monitor=watch=keep an eye on 监视 v.

27. allocate=distribute=apportion=grant=confer 分配 v.

28. decline=decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降 v.

29. fragile=weak=delicate=breakable=feeble 脆弱的 adj.

30. upgrade=improve=make sth.better=make improvements 改进,提高 v.

31. advanced=developed=sophisticated=high-tech 先进的 adj.

32. sustainable=renewable=recycling=environmentally friendly 可持续的 adj.

33. evidence=proof=documentation 证据 n.

34. long-standing=lengthy=long-running=lasting 长期的 adj.

Cambridge 7 TEST 4

1. large numbers of=tens of thousands of=many 大量的

2. large=massive=huge=enormous=vast 巨大的 adj.

3. resemble=look like=alike=much the same=akin to 相像 v.

4. foe=enemy=adversary=hostile 敌人 n.

5. more than=exceed=over=in excess of 超过 v.

6. decrease=crash=reduction=fall=drop 下降 n.

7. stop=halt=come to a halt 停止 v.

8. sufficient=abundant=enough=adequate 充足的 adj.

9. establish=found=build=set up 建立 v.

10. be Successful=prosper=do well=succeed=thrive 成功

11. recognize=certify=accept=acknowledge承认 v.

12. label=display=call=brand=hail 贴标签,命名 v.

13. adapt=adjust=get used to=become/grow accustomed to 适应 v.

14. mistake=error=fault=slip=mix-up 错误 n.

15. keep a check on=monitor=watch=keep an eye on 监视 v.

16. unexpected=unpredictable=unforeseeable 不可预见的 adj.

17. generally=in general=in the whole=all in all=all things considered 大体上的 adv.

18. previously=before=earlier=formerly 先前 adv.

19. apply=use=make use of=exercise=utilize 应用 v.

20. due to=because=since=owing to=thanks to=as a result of 因为

21. raise=lift=lift up=pick up=scoop up 使…上升 v.

22. in addition=besides=additionally=too=also=as well 除此之外

23. inhabitant=resident=population=citizen=local 居民 n.

24. collapse=failure=fall 崩塌,失败 n.

25. set up=establish=found=start=open 建立

26. ensure=make sure=make certain=see to it that 保证 v.

27. assist=help=aid=give a hand=do sth. For 协助 v.

28. deny=refuse=withhold 否认 v.

29. permit=allow=let=agree to=authorize 许可 v.

30. interfere=intrude=disrupt=meddle 干扰 v.

31. repeat=redo=retake=do sth. again 重复 v.

32. prevent=stop=restrain=hold back=discourage 阻止 v.

33. disrupt=disturb=upset=break up 打扰 v.

34. long-term=chronic=long=lengthy=long-running 长期的 adj.

35. expose=show=reveal=present=let sb. see 暴露,揭发 v.

36. intense=strong=passionate=powerful=fervent 强烈的adj.

37. random=arbitrary=at random 任意的,随机的 adj.

38. require=demand=need=call for 要求v.

39. fatigue=tiredness=exhaustion=drowsiness 疲劳 n.

40. manifest=show=reveal=present 显示 v.

41. concentrate=pay attention=put one’s mind on=attentive 专注 v.

42. produce=make=manufacture=create=fashion 生产 v.

43. carry out=implement=put sth. into practice=execute 实行v.

44. perform=do=conduct=dabble in 执行 v.






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