Cambridge 6 TEST 1

exchange=apply something learned in one to others=change 交流v.

expertise=skill 专门技术n.

employ=analyze=study 使用v.

investigation=analysis 调查n.

narrow=focus on 缩小范围v.

reproduce=copy=replicate=repeat 复制v.

funded support=finance 资金n.

athlete=sportsmen and women 运动员n.

calculate=measure 计算 v.

event=championship 赛事 n.

plan=prepare=design 计划 v.

improve=grow=get better 进步 v.

trade=economy 贸易n.

transport=import or export=deliver 运输 v.

local=domestic=native=indigenous 当地的adj.

weakening=less=reduced=decreased 下降的adj.

value=worth=price=credit=use=benefit=profit 价值n.

delivery=export or import 运输 n.

nearby nations=geographic neighbours 近邻 n.

international=ocean=global=worldwide 国际的 adj.

shipping=freight 船运 n.

cargo=freight=goods 货物 n.

tariff=charge=fee=tax 税费n.


difficult=harsh=demanding=tough=challenging 困难的 adj.

essential supplies=food and clothing=necessities 必需品 n.

supply=provision=support 供给 n.

grow=increase=rise=improve=go up=boost=expand=extend 增长 v.


understanding=knowledge 了解 n.

well-being=health 健康 n.

impossible=out of the question=unlikely 不可能 adj.

catch=exploit=capture 抓捕 v.

surrounding=environment=circumstance 环境 n.

push to one’s limits=test one’s limits 挑战极限

not unmanageable=can cope with 能处理的

present inhabitant=descendant 居民

give up=abandon 放弃

mainly=heavily=most 主要地

visit=venture 参观

Cambridge 6 TEST 2

1. successfully=spectacularly well=wonderfully 成功地adv.

2. people power=local pressure groups 群众力量n.

3. commute=travel 通勤 v.

4. higher=increasing=more 更高的 adj.

5. income=wealth=salary=wage=payment 收入n.

6. beneficial=valuable=profitable=good 有益的 adj.

7. together=face to face 共同

8. refute=not mean=rebut=deny 反驳v.

9. accommodation=live=living condition 住宿n.

10. usage=use=benefit=profit 用处n.

11. averagely good=reasonable but not special 较好的

12. limited=minimal 有限的adj.

13. move from one to another=adopt one over another 转移

14. show=reveal=uncover=indicate=point out=imply 表明

15. related=associated 有关联的 adj.

16. suffer=be afflicted 忍受(病痛)v.

17. research=study=investigation=survey 研究n.

18. affect=afflict=influence=change 影响v.

19. disease=medical complain=illness 病痛 n.

20. increase=surge=rise=gain=grow=go up=add=escalate 上升v.

21. link=correlation=connection=relationship 关系n.

22. considerable=significant=substantial=massive=marked大量的 adj.

23. reduction=drop=concession=fall=decrease 下降 n.

24. elderly people=old people 老人n.

25. independent=self-reliant 自立的 adj.

26. regular=daily 定期的adj.

27. exercise=physical activity 运动n.

28. challenging=difficult=tough=demanding 有挑战性的adj.

29. decline=deteriorate=reduce=drop=decrease 下降v.

30. lonely=emotionally isolated 孤独的adj.

31. hand signal=gesture=body language 手势n.

32. restricted=limited 有限的adj.

33. concept=abstract idea=definition 定义n.

34. specific=particular=detailed 特定的adj.

35. early=older 早期的adj.

36. fulfill=qualify=achieve=keep=satisfy 完成v.

37. sufficient=enough 足够的adj.

38. quantity=how many=amount 数量n.

39. misunderstanding=confusion 误解n.

40. prevent=resolve=forbid=stop 防止v.

41. poor=lack of=impoverished 贫穷adj.

42. newer=later=recent=present 新的adj.

43. ancestor=early people=predecessor 祖先n.

雅思阅读同义词替换(剑六TEST 3)

Cambridge 6 TEST 3

1. teach=educate=cultivate=nature 教育v.

2. actor=star 演员n.

3. first=initial=early=primary 最早的adj.

4. storyline=narrative=plot 故事情节n.

5. globe=world 世界n.

6. early=first=ancient 早期的adj.

7. passing of time=flow of time 时光的流逝

8. describe=tell 描述v.

9. realistic=achievable 现实的adj.

10. target=goal=aim 目标n.

11. feedback=comment=advice=criticism 反馈n.

12. match to=suit to 合适

13. reward=promotion or advancement=prize=benefit 奖励n.

14. link to=make something contingent on=associate with=connect with=relate to 联系起来

15. achievement=attainment=gain=success 成就n.

16. remuneration=payment 酬金n.

17. tend to=prone to 倾向于

18. feel=perceive=think=find=experience=notice=have an opinion 感觉v.

19. participate=be involved in=take part in=join 参加v.

20. staff=employee=worker 员工n.

21. visible=disclosed=obvious=noticeable 可见的adj.

22. clerical worker=clerk 书记员n.

23. judge=rate=criticize=assess=evaluate=gauge=appraise 评判v.

24. job=work=assignment 工作n.

25. delay=slow=prolong=postpone=procrastinate=shelve=put off延后v.

26. growing old=ageing 变老

27. people=mortal=people=individual 人n.

28. life=lifespan 生命

29. chance=likelihood=fortune=hope=possibility=opportunity=risk=luck 机会n.

30. production=generation=output 产量n.

31. theory=hypothesis=guess=guesswork 猜想n.

32. focus on=emphasize=aim at=concentrate on 集中于

33. short=scarce=limited=insufficient 短缺的adj.






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