Cambridge 5 TEST 1

1. produce=develop=manufacture生产 v.

2. central=middle中心的 adj.

3. did not have=without没有 v.

4. bring=confer=award=present=grant=confer=allocate=offer带来 v.

5. time limit=deadline时间限制,期限 n.

6. increase=go up/rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate=expand=pick up=widen=intensify=build up增加

7. assistant=helper=coach 助手 n.

8. immense=big=major=considerable=great=huge/enormous=tremendous=large scale/large-scale巨大的 adj.

9. illustrate=show=be a sign=demonstrate=mean=make clear=reflect=tell=be evidence=reveal 表明,显示 v.

10. quotation=a phrase or sentence that is well-known or often used 引用语 n.

11. predecessor=someone who had your job before you started doing it 前辈,前任n.

12. rival=a person, group, or organization that you compete with in sport, business, a fight etc=competitor 对手,竞争者 n.

13. distraction=something that stops you paying attention to what you are doing分心的事物 n.

14. fault=defect=problem=trouble=flaw=weakness =bug=virus=be something wrong with 错误,缺点

15. cornerstone=basis=foundation=the key 基石n.

16. confer=award=present=grant=allocate 给予 v.

17. stability=the condition of being steady and not changing稳定 n.

18. prevail=win=come out on top=prevail=carry the day流行,获胜v.

19. contract=agreement=understanding=compromise 合约 n.

20. grant=award=present=confer=allocate给予 v.

21. fascinate=if someone or something fascinates you, you are attracted to them and think they are extremely interesting吸引,使着迷 v.

22. disturb=interrupt=bother=distract=put somebody off 打扰 v.

23. expect=think=anticipate预期,期待 v.

24. psychology=the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behavior 心理学 n.

25. obey=comply with=abide by=keep to=stick to the rules=conform to=observe=respect=toe the line=go by the book/do something by the book 服从,顺从v.

26. identity=someone’s identity is their name or who they are 身份n.

27. severity=used of the degree of something undesirable 严重性 n.

28. unfold=open=happen=develop=expand 展开,发生 v.

29. deliberately=intentionally=on purpose=purposely故意地 adv.

30. moral=relating to the principles of what is right and wrong behavior, and with the difference between good and evil 道德上的,与道德有关的 adj.

31. prior to=before=previous在…前面

32. repetition=doing or saying the same thing many times重复 n.

33. genetic=relating to genes or genetics基因的,遗传学的 adj.

34. sacrifice=when you decide not to have something valuable, in order to get something that is more important牺牲 v.

35. victim=someone who has been attacked, robbed, or murdered受害者 n.

36. forge=form=counterfeit 形成;伪造 v.

37. persuade=convince=win over=talk around 说服 v.

38. surrender=give in 投降,放弃 v.

39. extinct=an extinct type of animal or plant does not exist anymore=disappear=vanish灭绝的,绝种的 adj.

40. abundant=plenty=ample 充裕的,丰富的 adj.

41. exaggerate=overstate夸张,夸大 v.

42. phenomenon=something that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially something that is studied because it is difficult to understand 现象 n.

43. perception=idea=notion=view=belief=insight 认识,观念,看法 n.

44. impression=infection=effect=influence=affection印象,感想 n.

45. entitle=to give someone the official right to do or have something 使某人有权利/资格 v.

46. distortion=a change for the worse=deformation扭曲,曲解 v.

47. dispose=to arrange things or put them in their places=arrange=settle=manage=cope with=deal with 安排,处理 v.

48. intuition=the ability to understand or know something because of a feeling rather than by considering the facts=instinct 直觉 n.

49. emission=a gas or other substance that is sent into the air排放物,散发物n.

50. diminish=reduce=decrease=fall=lessen=cut 减少,减小v.

51. postpone=put back=delay=adjourn 延期,推迟 v.

52. crucial=important=critical=vital=necessary=essential 至关重要的 adj.

53. pessimistic=expecting that bad things will happen in the future or that something will have a bad result=getting worse悲观的 adj.

54. attempt=purpose=order=effort 尝试,努力

Cambridge 5 TEST 2

1. similar=like=resemble相似的 adj.

2. derive=originate=come from=stem from起源 v.

3. impetus=momentum=stimulus=incentive=motivation=encouragement 动机,动力 n.

4. generate=produce=bring into existence=make=manufacture产生 v.

5. couple with=and=accompany=with 伴随 v.

6. factor=reason=element=component=ingredient 因素 n.

7. unique=have the distinction=distinct=different=extraordinary=special独特的 adj.

8. advance=progress=development=growth=increase进步 n.

9. field=domain=territory=industry=sector领域 n.

10. alternative=substitute=replacement替代物 n.

11. like=such as=for example=for instance 例如

12. resource=material=source资源,来源 n.

13. limited=restricted=exhaustible=finite有限的adj.

14. involve=rely on=contain=comprise 包含,牵涉 v.

15. current=modern=recent=present最近的adj.

16. particular=extraordinary=special=detail=specific=unique特别的,独有的adj.

17. draw on=absorb=do with吸收 v.

18. settle on=make choice of=decide on选定 v.

19. superiority=advantage=edge=high quality优势 n.

20. accompany=when=keep company=be associated with 陪伴,伴随v.

21. view=belief=opinion=insight=perception 观点 n.

22. artificial intelligence=reasoning in machine人工智能 n.

23. involve with=associate with=link to=relate to与…有关联 v.

24. release=issue=launch=convey=public=deliver 发行,发表v.

25. difficult=demanding=hard=tough困难的 adj.

26. task=job=work=labour 任务,工作 n.

27. instantly=rapidly=immediately立即地 adv.

28. react=respond 反应 v.

29. relate to=depend on=link to=associate with=involve with 与…有关系 v.

30. subject views=outlook=personal/individual views=personal/individual opinions 主观观点 n.

31. distort=to change the appearance, sound, or shape of something so that it is strange or unclear; to report something in a way that is not completely true or correct=misinterpret 扭曲,歪曲 v.

32. figure out=settle=decide=tell=understand 理解,想出 v.

33. assessment=appraisal=evaluation=estimate=judgment评估,估计 v.

34. emerge=appear=come forth出现 v.

35. remain=keep=stay=maintain保持 v.

36. exploitation=development=utilization=usage利用,使用n.

37. foster=cultivate=raise=nurture培养,养育 v.

38. overtake=catch up=sweep over赶上,压倒 v.

39. initial=original=premier最初的,开始的 adj.

40. whereas=however=while=nevertheless=but=yet然而,但是 adv.

Cambridge 5 TEST 3

1. outcome=product=result=conclusion=consequence 结果,后果 n.

2. overcome=win=get over=exceed克服,战胜 v.

3. insufficient=deficient=shortage=lack=scarcity不足的 adj.

4. supply=provide=furnish=give 提供 v.

5. launch=release=project=send=shot=emit 开始,投放 v.

6. suppose=expect=imagine=guess=speculate=think猜想,设想 v.

7. detect=perceive=explore=sense发觉,觉察v.

8. handicap=difficult=obstacle=hindrance=bar=deterrent 障碍,困难n.

9. peer=the people who are at the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc.同龄人,伙伴 n.

10. positive=optimistic=uplifting 积极的 adj.

11. administer=manage=conduct=implement=perform执行,管理 v.

12. funding=money=funds=financial resource 资金,基金 n.

13. interact=if people interact with each other, they talk to each other, work together etc. 互动 v.

14. irrigation=the supplement of land or crops with water 灌溉 n.

15. sedimentation=the natural process by which small pieces of rock, earth etc settle at the bottom of the sea etc and form a solid layer 积淀 n.

16. interrupt=break=violate=cut in打断,打扰 v.

17. process=procedure=method=approach过程 n.

18. threat=danger=intimidation 威胁 n.

19. valuable=precious=worthy宝贵的,珍贵的 adj.

20. construct=build=make=found 建造 v.

21. blame=to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad责备,怪罪 v.

22. stimulate=encourage=activate=motivate鼓励,刺激 v.

23. long-term=long-run=long-period长期的 adj.

24. impact=affect=influence=effect影响 v.&n.

25. occur=happen=exist=come发生 v.

26. contain=include=cover=possess 包含 v.

27. military=battlefield=martial军事的adj.

28. separate=disparate=distinct=different分开的,不同的adj.

29. vanish=extinct=disappear 消失 v.

30. consciousness=awareness 意识 n.

31. ignite=light=inflame点燃 v.

32. encompass=include=contain=cover包含,围绕 v.

33. reckon=think=suppose=believe=imagine=expect=feel认为 v.

34. widespread=universal=extensive=popular=general广泛的,普遍的adj.

35. launch=coin=project=release=issue创新,开辟 v.

36. contemporary=modern-day, present-day同时代的adj.

37. potential=possible=underlying=likely=expected=latent 潜在的,可能的adj.

38. prospect=expectation=outlook=chance展望,希望n.

39. perception=idea=insight=viewpoint感觉,领悟n.

Cambridge 5 TEST 4

1. community=organization=group=body团体n.

2. fragile=delicate脆弱的adj.

3. remote=distant 遥远的 adj.

4. require=desire=order=command要求 v.

5. inhabitant=resident=dweller居住者,居民 n.

6. consequently=thus=accordingly=hence=therefore=as a result 结果,因此 adv.

7. destination=goal=end point=terminus目的地n.

8. throughout=around=wholly=everywhere=end-to-end自始至终,到处,全部 adv.

9. operate=act=run运转 v.

10. output=product输出,产品 n.

11. decline=reduction=fall=slump=decrease=recession 下降n.

12. undermine=destroy=damage=hurt=ruin 破坏 v.

13. revive=renaissance复兴 v.

14. unusual=rare=strange=uncommon罕见的,不寻常的 adj.

15. ordinary=standard=common=usual=general普通的,平常的adj.

16. fragment=shard=debris=pieces=ruins碎片n.

17. break=shatter=crack打碎,打破 v.

18. interior=inner layer=inside 内部的n. &adj.

19. insist=claim=argue=believe=think坚持,坚称 v.

20. expand=extend=grow=boom=spread out=enhance扩张,扩大v.

21. suppress=control=restrain=repress=put down=oppress=inhibit=ban=forbid=stifle 压制 v.

22. speed up=increase speed=quicken up=accelerate speed加速 v.

23. examine=analyse=survey=inspect=study=detect=investigate检查,调查 v.

24. dispute=debate=controversy=disagree=argue争论,争执n.&v.

25. detect=analyse=explore=research=survey=investigate=inspect 察觉,发现 v.

26. claim=say=state=insist=argue=think=believe声称 v.

27. cue=implication=reminder=hint=evidence提示,信号,暗号n.

28. unpredictable=fluctuate=changeable无法预测的 adj.

29. be referred to as=be known as=be regarded as 被称为

30. encourage=induce=trigger=stimulate=boost=inspire鼓励,促使 v.

31. considerable=plenty=big=major=important数量可观的 adj.

32. regardless of=despite of=take no notice of 不管,不顾

33. adequate=plenty=proper=appropriate=suitable充足的,适当的 adj.

34. assure=make sure=guarantee=ensure=insure=secure=make certain of保证,确保 v.

35. suitable=appropriate=proper=adequate=matching 合适的 adj.






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