As the name suggests, the hero is a bird, a man, a bird man.I just try to find my English back, but this movie is totally absurd and way beyond my wildest imagination. Just give you guys some idiomatic expressions:


We don’t belong in this shit hole.  我们不属于这个烂地方

I’m the wrong person to ask.  我不是你要问的人

fugitive on the run  在逃的逃犯

You teeth are numbered.  你的牙都可以数的过来

breathe in  呼吸

embrace it  拥抱他吧

You know I am right  你知道我是对的

feature  特写

smell blood  我等闻到血腥

understudy  替补演员

give me a line   给我说句台词

love is absolute  爱情是绝对的

spit it out 吐出来

Don’t fuck it up.  别搞砸了

get the contract done  把合同做了

pull through  成功的搞定

Your zipper is down  你的拉链没拉

You’re caught up in this stuff   你赶上了这个事

kitchen knife  厨房的刀

You confuse love for admiration  你以为爱情就是崇拜

redneck  土老帽

We are gross  我们太恶心了

couldn’t get it up   。。。

You are abnormally calm  你冷静的不正常

goofy  :  stupid and silly


Well, probably I am not old enough to understand this movie but this is surely an apple polisher for Oscar. The Theory of Everthing is way better!

Don’t waste your time in such a Oscar winner. It is lame and you have my word.



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