Traffic in the Indonesian city of Jakarta was brought to a halt (被陷入瘫痪-地道表达-很多雅思PTE考生并不会使用) Tuesday due to violent protests against ride-sharing apps(如何进一步描述uber).

The protests came from Jakarta’s taxi drivers, who caused traffic jams by blocking off several main roads(小的介词off的使用). Some were also witnessed on social media damaging vehicles and confronting bystanders.

Their actions came in response to the Indonesian government’s apparent refusal to regulate or outright (彻底地-你澳洲买过手机么?这个词也可以指不含合约的买!)ban ride-sharing services Uber, Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) and GoJek, according to local media reports. Uber and Grab focus mainly on transportation by car, while GoJek drivers use motorcycles to ease passengers through Jakarta’s infamous traffic jams.

Another cause of tension for cabbies is the loss of income due to ride-sharing services, a recurring (cur词根-到来-学术词汇,雅思写作墙裂推荐)complaint from taxi drivers around the world.

This is the second demonstration in Indonesia in just over a week about this issue, with peaceful protests taking place(with 伴随结构,独立主格之一) last Monday.

It’s far from the first time that ride-sharing services such as Uber have led to unrest among taxi drivers, with similar protests in London, Paris and the United States over the past year. The controversies don’t appear to have significantly hurt Uber’s financially. The San Francisco-based company was worth about $60 billion in December,according to Bloomberg.

Grab and GoJek kept their businesses going (keep…going地道搭配)for the day, despite the protests. Uber responded by turning off surge pricing(高峰期的加价—绝对地道 for the day to encourage riders.



Uber rates increase to ensure reliability when demand cannot be met by the number of drivers on the road.

Our goal is to be as reliable as possible in connecting you with a driver whenever you need one. At times of high demand, the number of drivers we can connect you with becomes limited. As a result, prices increase to encourage more drivers to become available.

We take notifying you of the current pricing seriously. To that end, you’ll see a notification screen in your app whenever there is surge pricing. You’ll have to accept those higher rates before we connect you to a driver.







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