Tony Abbot -政治危机—雅思写作好句

最近Tony Abbot 非议不断,今天墨尔本文波雅思就给各位墨尔本烤鸭和其他烤鸭准备了一篇Tony Abbot 最近“下台门”的好词好句,对你们的雅思写作肯定有很大帮助。下面开始:

Hours after the PM succeeded in forcing Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to declare­ she would not challenge, a string of disaffected MPs went public, with WA backbencher Dennis Jensen calling for the PM to resign.—with 伴随状语

“We can’t continue with Mr Abbott as leader,” he said.  介词with的使用

“I don’t think fundamentally he understands what the problem is, and therein lies the problem,”   therein的使用

Queenslander Warren Entsch backed Dr Jensen by saying Tuesday’s partyroom meeting must be used to bring the leadership crisis to an end.  bring….to an end 让…终结


“It is my very strong view ... that the Prime Minister is there while he retains the strong support, the majority support of the party room. When he loses that then he or she no longer enjoys that position.’’

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has ruled out challenging Mr Abbott for the prime ministership.  It is my very strong view ..雅思写作中表达自己观点的另一种方式 


Abbott, who took his wife Margie to a press conference in Sydney, again warned his colleagues that voters would not tolerate the chaos of leadership changes.  非限制性定语从句

He ruled out a leadership spill and tried to fend off questions about the strength of his leadership as “insider gossip’’.  rule out  排除…

“Julie and I, we’re friends, we are part of the leadership team. We support each other. We always have, and we always will,’’ he said, after Ms Bishop emerged from a tense Cabinet meeting to declare she would not challenge the PM, and was not campaigning for his job.   We always have, and we always will,’’  时态的灵活使用,雅思口语很好的句子

Despite the seemingly orchestrated nature of the late-night attacks on the PM, the rebels do not yet seem to have the 52 votes required to force a spill at next Tuesday’s meeting.

Mr Abbott believes there is no challenger, and several Cabinet ministers have told the Herald Sunthere is no protagonist in the field.   protagonist 支持者

Mr Brough last night said the PM no longer had his “unequivocal support.’’  unequivocal support 坚定的支持—unwavering

He called for the axing of the Government’s bungled GP co-payment scheme, saying it made no economic or health sense. Mr Brough also attacked­ what he called a real cut to Defence Force pay.

made no economic or health sense.—经济上和健康上没有道理

He said he would not challenge the PM for the leadership, but said it was a “reasonable thing’’ for Dr Jensen and Mr Enstch to discuss resolving the crisis on Tuesday.

Senator Macdonald said a change of approach was needed, not necessarily a change of leadership. not necessarily 不必要的

“I don’t think bringing on some sort of spill at this stage is the best way to resolve these issues that have followed from the Victorian and Queensland elections.”

Mr Dutton on Tuesday night urged his colleagues to give Mr Abbott “a fair go’’   a fair go – 一个公平的机会

“He’s made mistakes, we’ve all made mistakes, and we’re listening to colleagues, and, most importantly, to Australians,” Mr Dutton told ABC.

He’s made it very clear he’s not going to stand down.   make it clear that… it 形式宾语

Mr Dutton said the Cabinet was unanimously in support of Mr Abbott, and that without a challenger, there was no point to a spill.  He said … and that…. 平行宾语从句第一个that可以省略,第二个不能省






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