The Starbucks Experience —雅思写作经典句子

雅思大作文一直是雅思考生的梦魇。但实际上雅思写作的本质是考场40分钟写出15句话。这十五句话的凝练度丰富度准确度粘合度需要平时的记录。墨尔本文波雅思今天给大家分享下文波老师最近阅读的关于星巴克体验的一本bestseller. 里面有很多好的句子可以供烤鸭们参考:


It seems fitting that…



The book is the culmination of nearly two years of collaborative effort.



Chris’s heartfelt respect for her company is matched only by her kindness , competence, and patience.



on the personal side



I’m in debt to a number of people who got this project off on the right foot


这些人中包括Dr. Pat, 我和他讨论了书的早期思想。

They include Dr. Pat Bernastein, with whom I discussed early ideas for the book.


He has been my confidant, cheerleader, honest critic, and friend.

In truth, 实际上

As always, this book could not have been written without the love and support of my friends and family. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of the family.

From its humble origins to a name that is synonymous with coffee, Starbucks is one of the great growth companies of your time.

Starbucks revolutionised the coffee industry—and in so doing, rewrote many of the conventional rules of management.

This inside look at Starbucks has led to the identification of five key principles.

seize on the types of opportunities that catapulted Starbucks to its international prominence.

For some of us, the morning was not complete without a visit to the convenience store.

What is the true scale of Starbucks success?  

Starbucks is more than just a Wall Street Cinderella story. Its culture, brand, and product excellence continue to win glowing accolades.

Starbucks has been consistently recognized by Fortune as one of America’s “mot admired ” companies and best employers.

Business Ethics places it on its list of most socially responsible companies each year.

From its original single store, the Starbucks brand has emerged as an unparalleled name that is virtually interchangeable with the word coffee.








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