PTE考生目前最大的问题之一就是练习题缺乏。除了有限的基本官方书(PLUS,Testbuilder, OG)之外就没有题了。很多英语基础不是很扎实的同学很难找到练习材料。悉尼文波雅思PTE培训学校专门为澳洲,尤其是悉尼、墨尔本的PTE考生准备了适合PTE听力阅读练习的科学60秒。各位PTE同学可以练习PTE听力中的summarise spoken text和PTE口语中的retell lecture,PTE听力口语-科学60秒-Frosty Moss练习记笔记技巧和复述。废话少说,下面开始:

60秒科学: 西兰花大战癌细胞


Generations of American children have been told, “Eat your broccoli!” And for decades, researchershave known that broccoli and related vegetableslike cauliflower and watercress appeared to lowerthe risk of some cancers. And that compounds in the vegetables could kill cancer cells. But howthe cruciferous veggies worked their medical magic was a mystery. Until now. Becauseresearchers have figured out just what broccoli does that helps keep cancer in check. The workappears in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. [Xiantao Wang et al., “Selective Depletion ofMutant p53 by Cancer Chemoprevention Isothiocyanates and Their StructureActivityRelationships“]

Proteins coded by the gene p53 help keep cancer from starting to grow. But when the p53 gene is mutated, the protection is gone. Mutated p53 is implicated in about half of allhuman cancers.

Broccoli and its relatives are rich in compounds called isothiocyanates, or ITCs. And theseITCs apparently destroy the products of the mutant p53 gene, but leave the healthy p53 proteins alone and free to suppress tumor development.

The researchers write thatdepletion of mutant p53 may reduce drug resistance and lead tonew strategies for treating cancer in the clinic.” In the meantime, eat your broccoli!

Steve Mirsky

文波陪伴 英语不难


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