PTE Re-tell Lecture 真实讲座练习题:经济全球化

在PTE中,无论是Summarise Spoken Text 还是 Re-tell Lecture的考题大都是从真实的讲座或者演讲中截取的,中间经常经常夹杂很多不同的环境音.很多同学都反映有时未必是听不懂,而是听不到. 鉴于此,墨尔本文波雅思PTE专门为大家总结了真实讲座的PTE练习音频,相比新闻音频来说,整体更加接近PTE考试的真题,内容方面,我们也会为大家提供考试中存在的近似题,最近我们会持续更新,敬请期待!

Economic globalization is outpacing political globalization economic. International globalization is the closer integration the countries in the world as we become more integrated you can be more dependent. What happens one-party system affects others that means we need more collective action, but we don’t have the democratic political institutions or the mindsets that allow us to act cooperatively at a global level. At a result of this you see dramatically in so many different ways, domestically when we talk about an issue of economic policy we always ask what is efficient but also what’s fair. We look at the effects and various groups. Our trade US Trade Representative when we send them off to Geneva, we don’t say come back with a fair trade agreement, if you get that you will be fired. We say come back with the best agreement for American, what we really mean is come back for the best agreement for those who are getting large campaign contributions. As you can see the disparity and the outcomes, Clinton administration when the big issues at the beginning of the administration was access to health care when the problem aside drug prices and administration rightly criticized the drug companies. But when it came internationally we were in effect in bed with the drug companies. The trade agreement that I referred to earlier, part of them was a provision called trips trade-related intellectual property. It was not trade-related, it was just put there so they put inside the agreement there already was world intellectual Property Organization so they have to have a reason to put it into a trade agreement so they put those words “trm” front, but no one was really fool, the real objective of this was to make generic medicines less successful to the poor and this is a very important issue because generic medicines are 5-10 percent of the price of brand-named medicines or a year’s treatment of age medicine. Generic medicine will cost under 300 dollars for brand name 10000. Your income is 300 or even 3000 dollars a year, you can’t afford 10000 so when they sign the agreement, they were signing the death warrant for thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa. They would no longer be able to afford the generic medicine that were available. We made generic medicines no longer be able to them


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