PTE Re-tell Lecture 真实讲座练习题: 生物打印

在PTE中,无论是Summarise Spoken Text 还是 Re-tell Lecture的考题大都是从真实的讲座或者演讲中截取的,中间经常经常夹杂很多不同的环境音.很多同学都反映有时未必是听不懂,而是听不到. 鉴于此,墨尔本文波雅思PTE专门为大家总结了真实讲座的PTE练习音频,相比新闻音频来说,整体更加接近PTE考试的真题,内容方面,我们也会为大家提供考试中存在的近似题,最近我们会持续更新,敬请期待!





Tissuing engineering, what is it? It’s an emerging field, interdisciplinary field that combines engineering and life sciences to create functional biological structures that can restore and improve tissue function. Examples include Blatter’s, trachea blood vessels and if you look at it, printing as a technology has also gone through the revolution and well it’s been around for hundreds of years. In the last couple of decades, it’s been a new dimension. We can now print layer by layer in materials ranging from plastic to metal, to concrete, to chocolate, from the smallest scales to the largest. If you take 3D printing and we combine it with biology, we have bio-printing where the building blocks our cell aggregates where we called bio-ling particles that are composed of thousands of cells that can fuse together into different shapes, these geometries can include multi-layered sheets, such as skin, branching tubes for vasculature and the sophistication of this manufacturing technology improves daily to include different cell types and different shapes. And now why is it important, the pharmaceutical industry at the moment is in a moment of crisis. It spends more money each year on R&D, but has fewer drugs to show for it. It takes more than a decade, more than a billion of dollars to develop a new drug and the cost of a failure can be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.


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