PTE 考试越来越获得大家的关注,很多同学开始着手备考PTE。墨尔本文波PTE希望以连载的形式告诉PTE考生PTE的各种题型应试技巧。下面开始连载PTE口语题型Fill in blanks:


  1. 题目要求:

考生需要听2-3个45秒左右 120-150个词的讲座,讲座中有4个左右的词被挖掉了,考生要把听到的词填进去。


  1. 考查能力:
  • 听懂不同口音
  • 词汇量及词汇拼写
  • 语法精准度


  1. 失分原因:
  • 单词没听懂,不知道是什么
  • 单词听懂了,但是不会拼写
  • 语法不扎实,听懂了,词有也会,但是形式不对,比如完成时形式没有填。
  1. 应对策略:
  • 提高词汇量,提高听力硬实力。
  • 练习拼写,注意打字精准。
  • 提高语法的感觉,在上下文里可以迅速判断所填词的形式。


  1. 实例讲解:

Plus Test 4 Fill in the blanks 第一题

I’d recommend that you all try to get hold of English in the Southern Hemisphere by Nolan and Watts, as this provides an excellent _______ of the topics that we’re going to be covering in this module. It’s really our _____ text. It has particularly strong sections on the history of English in Australia and New Zealand, examining in some depth how the language has _____ in these countries. The sections on phonology and on vocabulary will _____ when you’re doing the written assignment, which I’m going to be telling you about in a moment once I’ve given you the ____ of a couple of other essential references.


  1. overview
  2. primary
  3. developed—-现在完成时
  4. invaluable
  5. details —-注意最后的s复数结尾


  1. 强化练习:


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