Modern Family-看美剧学地道英语系列-第一季第一集

很多英语学习者不了解一些地道词汇,就是因为没有在国外家庭生活过。找一个经典的家庭美剧反复看不失为一个好方法。但是有些美剧过于关注年轻人,或者过于关注某群体,某性别,但是Modern Family 就是各种群体,各种年龄都有。非常适合大家学习美剧。今天文波教育的小编就给大家带来摩登家族的好的英语词汇及搭配。下面开始:

Outfit 衣服
Banister 楼梯扶手及其护栏
His head gets stuck in the banister.
Have a boy over 有男孩来家里
Uncool 不酷
Follow through
Toughen up 强硬起来
You cannot fight it 你无法抵抗
Judgemental 指手画脚的
Avoider 逃避者
Have avoidance issue 有逃避的问题
Soft landing 软着陆
Make a fool of himself 出洋相
Help me with the frosting 帮我做霜糖
Drop off some laundry 放一些衣服
Get in the spirit of… 进入…的氛围
Sports guy chest bump 运动员顶胸
Chillax= chill out and relax
Drama queen
Potsticker 粘锅的东西
Potsticker dumpling 煎饺
Fit together
Love is what binds us, through fair or stormy weather. 爱情让我们永不分离,历经风雨


Modern Family, as the name suggests, is a TV show about the modern relationships in a family. The family is an extended one, consisting of many smaller families. Clear pronunciation, dramatic plot and good-looking cast, Modern Family is a must-see for English learners.




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