The latest movie to recommend: Insurgent

The most effective way to improve one’s English would be to be immersed in English. Reading novels and watching movies has always been my passion and today Wenbo IELTS Melbourne would like to introduce a novel and movie to you guys.

Initially I tried to collect some teaching material about the word ‘insurgent’for my vocabulary class, but it turned out be a good one even though it should have been named the Divergent 2. At the very beginning, the movie was a mess for someone like me who had never seen the Divergent before. But as time elapsed, it began to grip my heart especially when I see the scene when the heroine tried so hard to save her mom for dying, I could not help but ask myself: Could I be equally brave to save my mom when I came across a similar situation. My mom has been a living a tough life and has been treated without the respect she deserves. I will do my utmost to uphold her right and give her a honorable and decent life that she has long been missing. The movie is more about kinship, love and internal demon than about fiction, future or factions. Despite the fact that many reviewers think the movie is a disaster, I would suggest that my students should check it out sometime. Maybe the novel Divergent is recommendable as well.  I would like to list some comments about this film:

I have been eagerly awaiting Insurgent by Veronica Roth along with many other people after the startling and thrilling first book, Divergent. That book introduced us to five factions of a dystopian society, and one brave girl named Tris, who decides to join the Dauntless. It’s clear by the end of the book that she belongs to the group of Divergent, meaning that she could have belonged to any one of these factions with her personality traits.

This book takes off immediately where the last one ended. At first it’s a jumble of confusion, and I may have made more sense if I had reread the first one right before this one. The factionless have more of a story, and we get more fleshed out characters. I have to admit I was a little disheartened by the first half of the book. To me, it seemed like we were drifting around in Tris’s bizzare guilt trip. I understood she was working through her issues but I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of pages dedicated to this. Overall, the story has a darker tone and almost gets too heavy.

However, things change when secrets start to be revealed. My absolute favorite part of the book was when we are introduced to some Erudite characters who end up being more three dimensional than Tris ever imagined. The last secret revealed made the whole book worth reading.

While I had some reservations, I thought overall this book was well written and ramped up heavily at the end. The last 25% of the book was really terrific. Just personally, I think that I liked the first book better because we are first introduced into this world that is so completely different than has been created before. However, the second book is a solid companion to the first, and I am excited to see how the story ends.

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