听力写作同时没有达到目标分数的多半还是因为SST和SWT做的比较不好。这中间必然涉及到单词和语法的基础,听不懂和读不懂导致的逻辑梳理不清晰 ,尤其最近很多小伙伴反映,PTE是不是开始卡写作了?PTE是不是开始变难了?


In its periodic quest for culinary identity, Australia automatically looks to its indigenous ingredients, the foods that are native to this country. There can be little doubt that using an indigenous product must qualify a dish as Australian notes Stephanie Alexander. Similarly, and without qualification, states that a uniquely Australian food culture can only be based upon foods indigenous to this country, although, as Craw remarks, proposing Australian native foods as national symbols relies more upon their association with ‘nature’ and geographic origin than on common usage Notwithstanding the lack of justification for the premise that national dishes are, of necessity, founded on ingredients native to the country. After all, Italy’s gastronomic identity is tied to the non-indigenous tomato, Thailand to then on indigenous chili, the reality is that Austrians do not eat indigenous foods insignificant quantities. The exceptions are fish, crustaceans and shellfish from oceans, rivers and lakes, most of which are unarguably unique to this country. Despite valiant and well-intentioned efforts today at promoting and encouraging the consumption of native resources, bush foods are not harvested or produced in sufficient quantities for them to be a standard component of Australian diets, nor are they generally accessible. indigenous foods are less relevant to Australian identity today than lamb and passionfruit, both initially imported and now naturalised.

这篇文章为大家介绍了澳大利亚的本土食材,标红句子是需要大家认真阅读的,因为这些句子都在做同一件事情——下结论。PTE Score Guide对SWT的最终要求就是答案必须能够凸显作者的意图,因此在文段中下结论的句子都需要重点阅读。




Although it is believed that indigenous ingredients should be used for a dish to become Australian notes, the truth is Australians do not consume indigenous food in significant quantities, because they are not harvested or produced in sufficient quantity and not easily accessible, so indigenous foods can hardly become relevant to Australian identity.


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