PTE写作之Summarize written text原题解析-Diasporas

PTE写作中的Summarize written text 对于语法基础不是特别好的人来说一直是痛苦。都写吧,字数太多;不写吧,又怕有些点没有覆盖到。这个时候扎实的语法功底就很有必要了。还有一点就是PTE考试题库本身也不大,今天墨尔本文波雅思就把真题库中的一道拿出来给大家分享下。

Diaspora sum


墨尔本文波PTE答案:Summarize written text

Diasporas, communities which live outside, but still keep connected with their homelands, which are increasingly stepping up their engagement efforts, are getting bigger, and this trend is the result of five factors related with globalization, including the growth in international migration, the revolution of transport and communications technology, a reaction against global homeogenized culture, the end of the Cold War  and policy changes by national governments on issues like dual citizenship and multiculturalism.





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