PTE Retell Lecture: Black hole tour 黑洞(音频+文本)

今天墨尔本文波PTE的小编为大家整理了关于黑洞的这篇Retell Lecture,原文选自New Scientist, 此处应有敲黑板声,在古早的以前,小编就已经和大家讲过,培生官方非常喜欢用New Scientist的素材出题,并且已经至少用了5次原文素材,所以说平常大家积累素材的时候可以多看看New Scientist的视频没准哪天考试就碰上原题了!


This simulation shows what you might see if you are orbiting a black hole. The light and position of background stars around the hole are distorted by its gravity and they seem to spin around. On the right the constellation Orion appears to approach the event horizon, the boundary from which nothing can escape. Orion stars look like they become separated and gets spun around. Once the hole has passed by Orion reappears on the left and looks normal again. Users can also experiment with different scenarios. This is what you might see if you were travelling towards a black hole with rocket engines slowing your descent. Another simulation mimics free fall into a hole in the middle the light of the entire universe appears to be concentrated in a bright ring.





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