PTE retell lecture适应不同地区口音小练习

在PTE中,无论是Summarise Spoken Text 还是 Re-tell Lecture的考题大都是从真实的讲座或者演讲中截取的,中间经常经常夹杂很多不同的环境音或者口音.今天给大家分享的是一段带各种口音的小片段。秘鲁的员工们分享他们的工作对自己的国家和对世界有何帮助。他们的口音也是各异。磨一下耳朵吧

Economic stability is important for countries. I experienced the Peruvian hyper-inflation when I was growing up and saw the pain that it caused in my country. In my work as an economist, I tried hard to help avoid this type of crisis.

For more than 20 years I have had the great opportunity to work in an international organization that helps the world’s economy. It is very important to understand what the institution does and how it helps people everywhere.

Working in IMF for almost 25 years has taught me that countries can only develop on progress when he maintains economic stability.

What I do in IMF is building bridges to connect institution with different groups like you, civil society organizations, with those branches what we try to do is to share our information.

I did the Internet Security for Peru my home country. I like very much the new fund focuses on income inequality. I think it is a very important element to contribute to growth of the economy.

My work contributes to the world economy because we train people and we help them make connections. We connect country officials to the international Monetary fund and other regional training centres.

Through our advice we try to help country authorities make the best possible policy decisions which affect millions of people, like helping countries maintain economic stability. We are helping the citizens of those countries together by their jobs, by their education by their promised life.

Our work in IMF we help people in every country. We will try to maintain some qualities to create employment opportunities for all.


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