PTE Retell Lecture: Student Loan (音频+文本)

本期Retell Lecture为大家带来的是PTE机经中的有关学生贷款的这道真题音频。众所周知,西方国家的大学生上大学是可以贷款的,因为高等教育的价格是很多普通家庭的小孩所负担不起的,再加上西方国家这种教育小孩的模式是孩子成年之后不再帮忙负担学费和生活费,所以教育经费的重担就落在了学生自己和政府身上。然万千学子,政府能补几何?所以多数还需要学生自己支付。



I’m 43 years old and I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Sure I knew the loans are pilling up as I went through school but with one loan coming from here another from there, I had no idea of the rock slide that was building. 15 years later I still experience moments of sheer horror regarding my family’s financial situation. My monthly student loan payment is more than triple my car payment. Okay, so without my college degree I would not have been able to get  my current job, for that I’m grateful but at what cost? My loans have been accruing at a rate of 10% and now they have burgeoned to. Well, I’m an English major, you do the math, I don’t think they’ll ever get paid off. We’re in debt way past our eyeballs and there’s no hope in sight. I’m being kept in class, a financial class of graduates whose only hope for attending college meant borrowing money from the government, because of our mounting credit card debt and monthly payments that far exceed out family’s income, my kids will also join the class of citizens who can’t rely on their  parents for college support. Do I wish I’d chosen another educational route? You bet, perhaps trade school I thought that being a plumber might not be such a bad gig, but if your job aspirations require a four-year degree. Take my advice and choose a college you can afford both during and after graduation take a realistic look at your anticipated income and factor in priorities that don’t carry a price, like the spouse and children you might want to have someday I was overconfident that my student loan debt would pale in comparison to the lucrative writing career I’d enjoy after graduation. Now I’m paying for that decision in more ways I’d ever imagined.





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