PTE真题视频系列-RL-036-新题高频:Growl Distinction

三月PTE换题让大家都很恐慌,但是别着急,墨尔本文波PTE小编为大家整理了最近Retell lecture高频新题:小狗能够辨别不同含义叫声的实验


When this dog approaches some food, another dog’s playful snarls are played back. The dog seems curious but the sound doesn’t stop it from taking the bone. Here a dog hears the growls of a dog being approached by a stranger but these don’t deter it from grabbing the bone either. In another scenario, the sound of a dog protecting its food is played back. This time the dog backs off. These experiments suggest the dogs can distinguish between different types of growls.


The lecture talks about an experiment conducted to study dogs’ reactions when they hear different growls.

Firstly, the speaker mentions that when one dog tries to approach the food, the researcher plays different growls of dogs.

The speaker continues to say that on some occasions, the dog would take the food when hearing playful growls, but in another scenario they back off when hearing the sound of another dog protecting its food.

In conclusion, the experiment indicates that dogs can tell different growls and show different reactions.

这篇Retell Lecture的文章选自New Scientist,培生的题库里面真的非常青睐New Scientist里面的文章、实验等素材作为Retell Lecture或者是SST的听力素材来源,建议大家课下可以多看一下New Scientist的文章和视频,都十分接近考试难度。

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