PTE真题视频系列-RL-037-美国文学家评论家Edmund Wilson

PTE Retell Lecture新题高频,美国文学家、评论家Edmund Wilson对于美国文学的贡献。很多考过同学向文波的老师们反映,这道题真的是real难,不仅有很多高端的描述性的形容词不知道什么意思,而且不了解美国文学的同学根本不知道critic这样一个角色在文学史上发挥的作用。下面墨尔本文波PTE的小编就来给大家好好解析一下这道“听不太懂”的Retell Lecture应该怎么做。

First things first,专业的文波PTE首先必须要奉上的是这道题的真题视频。


Wilson came then from a different world and he became the focal point of a broad mainstream American culture that thought that modern literature and wanted modern literature to be able to be read and appreciated by ordinary people they were not modernists in an abstract sense and certainly some of them like TS Eliot and Faulkner were too difficult for some of their writing to be read by ordinary people, but this was a world before the division between the brows or between a lead or whatever had established itself as part of our consciousness.

Wilson was a major player in the successful effort of his generation to establish at the heart of American life and innovative literature that would equal the great cultures of Europe and he knew that the great cultures of Europe were there, he was not a product of a narrow American Studies kind of training at all. He joined a high artistic standard with an openness to all experience and a belief that literature was as much a part of life for everyone as conversation, he thought that Proust and Joyce and Yeats and Eliot could and should be read by ordinary Americans and helped that to happen.

Wilson was a very various man over a period of almost 50 years he was a dedicated a literary journalist an investigative reporter a brilliant memoirist and dedicated journal keeper, his biography, biographical histories to the Finland station and patriotic gore are profoundly influential with Americans today.

to the Finland station 是Edmund Wilson的传记。

patriotic gore可以理解成爱国热血。


这篇Retell lecture的难度在于,如果没听懂的话,同学们很难找到Edmund的具体事迹的立足点,下面给大家介绍一个三点分析法则,适用于考场上由于高压、紧张、背景知识不足而听不懂的同学。





The lecture is about Edmund Wilson, who was an American writer and a focal point of American culture.

The speaker first mentions that Edmund devoted himself to making the modern literature to be read by ordinary people. Because at that time the modern literature was too difficult to be read.

The speaker then says Edmund Wilson had successfully established the innovative culture which could equal the great culture of Europe.

At last, the speaker concludes that Edmund was a dedicated journalist and his biography has greatly influenced Americans today.




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