PTE阅读写作训练:Globalization and Robotics


The world we live in today is a global world. Humanity lives together, makes things together, shares knowledge together. Opening borders to certain degrees to allow travel, trade, and cooperation seemed to be a logical step in developing our civilization. But, like other things, globalization has a darker side.

Globalization, in an economic sense, is essentially a division of labor between countries on a global scale. However, it seems that some countries have received the short end of the stick in this exchange. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer – factories which pollute the environment get moved to third  world countries, while companies which hold patents and intellectual property rights benefit disproportionally from such collaborations. Dr. Sundeep Waslekar, the President of Strategic Foresight Group, explains the phenomenon in a nutshell.

What is happening is globalization of opportunities which people talk about. But there is also globalization of risk. On one hand, we have globalization of trade flows, financial transfers, investments going from country to country, communications, media, but also at the same time you have globalization of risk to humanity happening: through WMDs, through terrorism, climate change.



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