PTE听力练习题11-老托93-Coffee Drinker

PTE考生目前最大的问题之一就是练习题缺乏。除了有限的基本官方书(PLUS,Testbuilder, OG)之外就没有题了。很多英语基础不是很扎实的同学很难找到练习材料。墨尔本文波雅思PTE培训学校专门为墨尔本,悉尼PTE考生准备了PTE练习的lecture 93篇。各位PTE同学可以练习阅读,练习记笔记技巧,可以练习复述,甚至可以练习describe image。废话少说,下面开始:

A lot of people in the United States are coffee drinkers. Over the last few years, a trend has been developing to introduce premium, specially blended coffees, known as “gourmet coffees” into the American market. Boston seems to have been the birthplace of this trend. In fact, major gourmet coffee merchants from other cities like Seattle and San Francisco came to Boston, where today they’re engaged in a kind of “coffee war” with Boston’s merchants. They are all competing for a significant share of the gourmet coffee market. Surprisingly, the competition among these leading gourmet coffee businesses will not hurt any of them. Experts predict that the gourmet coffee market in the United States is growing and will continue to grow, to the point that gourmet coffee will soon capture half of what is now a 1.5-million-dollar market and will be an 8-million-dollar market by 1999. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers who convert to gourmet coffee seldom go back to the regular brands found in supermarkets. As a result, these brands will be the real losers in the gourmet coffee competition.


1. premium: adj. of high quality 高级的,优质的
2. blended:adj.combinedormixedtogethersothattheconstituentpartsare

indistinguishable 混合的
3. gourmet: n. [C] someone who knows a lot about food and wine and who

enjoys good food and wine 美食家
4. birthplace: n. [C usually singular]the place where someone was born,

especially someone famous (尤指名人的)出生地;the place where something first started to happen or exist 发源地,发祥地


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