1. Remember that your goal for this sections is to make a positive impression on the admissions officers.



  1. Be prepared. You should know what you are going to say before you arrive at the testing centre.



  1. Practice what you intend to say in front of a mirror. If you can, record yourself and listen to your delivery. Does it sound natural? Are you conveying the impression you want? Keep practicing until you feel completely confident about what you will say. You will not be able to read a prepared speech, but if you have practiced what you want to say, you will sound confident and natural.



  1. Relax, Speak clearly, and avoid sounding as if you have memorized a speech. Your aim should be to sound naturally confident, not rehearsed.




  1. You will have 30 seconds to record your Personal Introduction. Be sure your speech lasts the required length of time. If it does not, then either you will run out of time while you are still speaking, or you will finish too soon, and have to sit in uncomfortable silence until the recording ends.




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