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This is a nutrition lesson to encourage kids to eat the rainbow daily. They will learn about the different ways nutrients benefit our bodies and why food is fuel that can keep healthy if good choices are made. Our body has a process called metabolism that digests the food we eat and sorts the nutrients out so the body can use them for fuel.

Not all food is created equally and the foods on the left have a much higher nutritional content than the others and can benefit our bodies much more to keep us healthier and able the unhealthy foods on the right act as toxic fuel to our bodies. They don’t have nutrients and make our bodies diseased and unable to function properly.

Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits can benefit all parts of our bodies and there are distinct colour groups that have specific nutrients that target certain bodily functions. This is why it is important to eat a diverse assortment of gradual and fruits that will eat our bodies and keep us disease-free and healthy. Next I’ll explain which colours help different parts of the body and why you should eat each colour group daily.

The red group of fruits and veggies benefit our DNA and urinary tract health. Their nutrients can also help to defend our bodies against cancer and heart disease. Can you name five red group foods that you see above? What is your favourite? Yellow and orange veggies and fruits benefit our eye health and immune system. They also support growth and development meaning they are important to build strong and healthy bodies like yours. Can you name these yellow and orange veggies and fruits above? Have you eaten any from this colour group today?

Green veggies and fruits support the functions of many organs such as our lungs and livers. They benefit overall cell health improve our bodies’ healing ability our gum health and our eye health. How many of the green group foods above can you name? My favourite is broccoli. What is your favourite from this group? Purple and blue veggies and fruits are great for our hearts brains arteries and bones. These nutrients are strong weapons against cancer and benefit our bodies. The also support healthy aging which of the above can you name what is the new foo din this group that you would like to try this week?

White fruits and veggies support our bones circulatory system and heart. Their nutrients help our bodies to fight off heart disease and cancer can you name the foods above that fall in to the white category. I love that in garlic to my meals while cooking. What white foods does your family like to cook with.

Not enough people are eating a healthy diet rich in these nutrients and they are suffering from the health consequences caused by following a poor diet. It is recommended to eat at least five serving of veggies and fruits a day. Which is exactly one from each colour group make it your daily goal to eat at least a vegetable or fruit from every colour category to give your body a well-rounded supply of nutrients. Give it the fuel it needs to fight off diseases and keep you healthy. These are the foods highest in nutrients and more is always better when it comes to eating fruits and especially vegetables.

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