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墨尔本PTE-悉尼PTE-霍巴特PTE-阿德PTE-文波英语一直提供词汇语法学习的音频视频,最近文波英语将会集中上线PTE考试先关的真题视频音频系列。今天开始Retell Lecture的第一篇,希望对广大PTE考生带来一点帮助。

Saint Louis Art Museum

The Museum’s collection provides a good overview of arms and armor from the 15th through the 18th century. Arms and armor were not only necessary equipment for military figures, but were highly prized objects that personified bravery, chivalry, and skill. They were used in war, for hunting, in sporting competitions such as jousts and foot combats, and as splendid bodily accessories for parades or courtly occasions. The prestigious role of arms and armor meant that artists were often commissioned to transform them into objects of great splendor. Craftsmanship, techniques of fabrication, and ornament link arms and armor to other decorative arts of the 15th through the 18th century.


Sample Answer:
The current installation in the Museum Level 1 Galleries features more than 50 examples of arms and armor comprising helmets and suits of armor; spears and polearms; swords and daggers; rifles, guns, and pistols. Some highlights of the collection are a 15th-century German helmet, a pair of 16th-century gilt bronze stirrups from the Habsburg armory, and a 17th-century Italian powder tester, which is one of the finest examples known.


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