PTE真题作文范文系列-What is lazy journalism and the cause of it?


The lazy journalism has become commonplace in today’s digitalized world. Explain what it is and the cause of it.


The lazy journalism is increasingly common in the contemporary world. Excessive copy and paste, in my opinion, lie behind the laziness in the journalism.


The lazy journalism refers to a lack of original ideas in the journalism industry. With the invention of personal computers, an expanding number of writers and journalists are beginning to use computers to work. This enables them to copy some sentences or even images from some sources online. Unlike some professions requiring originality, journalism is mostly about what has happened around the world and if two newspapers cover the same events, the contents may be roughly similar despite different perspectives.


In some countries where originality is not emphasized and where plagiarism is not penalized, the lazy journalism may become rampant. No one really cares about the current affairs around them because what they read is nothing but some clichés. No interesting and thought-provoking stories can be found in the newspapers and instead, readers can find a lot of politically right but esthetically distasteful articles.


Overall, we can conclude that lazy journalism can be defined as a style of journalism writing which lacks originality and filled with clichés. The popularity of computers and the relative ease with which journalists can use functions like copy and paste contribute to the lazy journalism.


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