PTE新题写作:What does generosity mean to you?


同学们前排板凳搬好划重点了喔!这篇文章的题目是:What does generosity mean to you?

Generosity is a term that can have many different meanings for people across different cultures. In my own view, it involves the act of giving in various forms which I will attempt to explain in the following essay.

One form of generosity is in the act of giving up ones time in order to help people. This could be in the act of volunteering in order to help those less fortunate. One example of this is going to work in a homeless shelter to help prepare meals for people who are living on the streets. Another way of being generous with time is simple by listening to close friends or family members when they have problems and not making excuses to leave without first waiting for the person to finish what they have got to say. Too many people these days are in a rush and this simple act of listening can be considered a form of largess.

Another form of generosity is in the act of giving or sharing material items. For some people this could mean spending money in the form expensive gifts or presents. These could be things that are necessary, for example, a parent buying a car for their child or paying for a deposit on a house. Being generous could also involve less expensive items however, such as the sharing of food. In some cultures, like Thailand’s for example, this is encouraged as an act of virtue and is still taught to all children so they grow up with this habit and pass it onto their children on the future.

In conclusion I believe that there are many forms of largess which do not have to be focussed solely on the giving of expensive items or money. In my view, the giving up of time and the act of sharing both fall into the category of generosity.




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