PTE新题写作:高效的人喜欢repetitive routine,你怎么看?


同学们前排板凳搬好划重点了喔!这篇文章的题目是:高效的人喜欢repetive routine,你怎么认为?

Some effective people like repetitive routine, such as eating the same food. Do you like this way?

It can be argued that for certain people having strict regimes is necessary to increase productivity and

effectiveness. My own view is that while this is beneficial in allowing people to get more done, humans need

variety therefore a balance must be struck somewhere in the middle.


Nowadays the world is full of choices for almost everything that we do and desire. Routine can therefore be

useful way to be productive because it can save time that would otherwise be spent thinking about which

choice to make. For example, eating the same foods on the same days over the course of a week would

mean that a person would be able to do their weekly shopping much more quickly than a person who

wanted to experiment with new foods and meals. Likewise, having a set routine for which clothes to wear

every day of the week would also save time in the morning deciding what to wear.


However, I believe that having the same routine for everything we do would become extremely dull over

time. In order to be stimulated and keep our lives interesting we need to have spontaneity and to try

different routines. For example, trying different ways to keep fit like swimming, tennis, cycling or boxing

would be much more interesting than just going for a run at the same time in the same place every

morning. It may take longer and need some consideration, but the result would not only be a more

interesting exercise routine but also a fitter body.


To sum up, it is clear that repetitive routines can save time through not having to make decisions, thus making

a person more effective. However, without variety, life can quickly become dull and bland, therefore a balance

should be struck.




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