PTE听力Summarize Spoken Text机经真题分享040:Wave Power

本期PTE机经真题分享为大家带来的是Summarize Spoken Text中有关人类学习海洋生物发电的这道真题。这篇文章本身不难,但是许多同学可能没有听清开头的第一句话,便以为文章中心是在讲述海洋生物,其实这篇文章主要是描述人类通过模拟海洋生物,利用海浪的动力来发电的几种设备。这篇SST的语速适中,难度不大,大家可以检测一下自己能否听懂文章中所举的三个例子。


Sea creatures are inspiring the latest devices that harness wave power. This one called the Oyster sits on the ocean floor and opens and closes as waves pass over it. Cables attach it to generators on the shore. Since November 2009, it’s been powering 9,000 homes in the Orkney Islands. Another device looks like a snake. The anaconda is made from a rubber tube filled with water that floats just below the surface. When a swell hits the front of it, the tube is squeezed. A bulge ripples down its length and powers a turbine in its tail. Prototypes are currently being tested, but the full-scale version will be 200 meters long. This system also looks like a snake but this one is made of steel. It floats near the surface where waves make its joints move. This drives hydraulic systems that power electrical generators, like the anaconda, it’s still being tested. Results will prove if these devices are up to the job of supplying viable sources of green energy.


本篇PTE听力Summarize Spoken Text词汇积累:

  1. inspire 激发;鼓舞;启示;使生灵感
  2. harness 利用;治理;驾驭
  3. anaconda 蟒蛇;水蟒
  4. rubber tube 橡胶管
  5. swell 膨胀;肿胀;隆起
  6. squeeze 挤;压榨;紧握;勒索
  7. bulge (使)膨胀;(使)凸出
  8. ripple 在···上形成波痕;涟漪
  9. turbine 涡轮;涡轮机
  10. prototype 原型;标准,模范
  11. joint 关节;接合处;联合的;连接的
  12. hydraulic 液压的;水力的;水力学的
  13. up to the job 胜任工作
  14. viable 可行的;能养活的;能生育的






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