PTE听力口语-科学60秒:prehistoric fiber

PTE考生目前最大的问题之一就是练习题缺乏。除了有限的基本官方书(PLUS,Testbuilder, OG)之外就没有题了。很多英语基础不是很扎实的同学很难找到练习材料。悉尼文波雅思PTE培训学校专门为澳洲,尤其是悉尼、墨尔本的PTE考生准备了适合PTE听力阅读练习的科学60秒。各位PTE同学可以练习PTE听力中的summarise spoken text和PTE口语中的retell lecture,练习记笔记技巧和复述。

Prehistoric Human-Fashioned Fibers Found

A report in the journal Science announces the finding of the oldest known humanfashioned threads, left in a cave by the Caucasus mountains about 34,000 years ago. Cynthia Graber reports.

We humans love to decorate things. We wear flashy clothes, tie ribbons to suitcases and personalize the cases for our iPhones. And apparently weve had this tendency for a long, long time. More than thirtyfour thousand years, to be exact.

Harvard researchers, together with Israeli and Georgian scientists, recently discovered the oldest known fibers used by humans, in a cave by the foothills of Georgias Caucasus mountains. The researchers werent searching for thread. They were looking for tree pollen samples that would reveal how environmental and temperature fluctuations influenced peoples lives. But they knew theyd found something historic when they saw the colored thread.

The fibers were made from wild flax. Some were twisted, indicating rope, while others were knotted. They might have been used to sew pieces of clothing to keep these ancient people warm. Or maybe they tied together packs that would allow the group to be more mobile. The strings could also have served as handles for stone tools.

The fibers were colored black, grey, turquoise and pink. So in addition to cave paintings, we now have evidence of cave fashion, the first tentative steps on the way to the cover of Vogue.

Cynthia Graber


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