PTE听力口语-科学60秒:Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy Cures ColorBlind Monkeys
In a study in the journal Nature, researchers report that they have used gene therapy to cure a form of colorblindess in adult squirrel monkeys that lack a visual pigment. Karen Hopkin reports

Now, heres something you dont see every day: scientists cure colorblind monkeys. According to a report published online in the journal Nature, researchers have used gene therapy to allow colorblind squirrel monkeys to look at their fruit in a whole new light. [Scientific American is part of the Nature Publishing Group.]

In one type of squirrel monkey, the males lack a visual pigment called Lopsin. Its absence renders the monkeys colorblind, unable to distinguish reds and green. Most of the females, on the other hand, see in full color. So the scientists got to wondering: what would happen if they gave a boy squirrel monkey the same opsin that girls have.

Using a harmless virus, the scientists introduced the pigment gene into the eyes of colorblind adults. Lo and behold, about a month later, the monkeys with the new Lopsin gene were able to see hues theyd never seen before.

The research doesnt mean well soon be trying the same thing in humans. Because were not yet ready to monkey with our own selves that way. But the fact that a fellow primate was able to make and use the new pigments, even though they received the genes as adults, was a real eyeopener.

Karen Hopkin