PTE口语Retell Lecture机经真题分享:Infinite Monkey Theorem

本期PTE机经真题分享为大家带来的是Retell Lecture中有关无限猴子定理的这道真题。猴子通过键盘打出一部完整的莎士比亚作品 – 哈姆雷特,这件事发生的概率是极低的,但概率并不为零。这个理论旨在阐明把一个很大但有限的数看成无限的推论,是错误的。本篇PTE-RL的篇幅较长,内容信息量较大,并且Lecturer语速很快连读处较多,大家来听听看是否都能听懂这篇PTE真题并理解无限猴子定理吧!


And this illustration often used is the one that the monkey and the typewriter. Ok, we have a monkey sitting at a typewriter and the claim here is basically if you leave chance and time long enough you will get life. Don’t worry about it, yes it’s strange, yes it’s wonderful, but leave enough matter 600 million years on earth and you will have life. So, the monkey sitting at the typewriter the chances are eventually he produces the complete works of Shakespeare so what’s the problem. So there’s no problem. There isn’t an issue: right? You just leave it long enough and you will be fine. And at one keystroke a second, the monkey might will eventually get to the complete works of Shakespeare but he doesn’t manage to do it in 600 million years. So what I decided to do to run the numbers is I instead of saying type the complete work of Shakespeare, I just run the numbers for how long would it take a monkey typing at one keystroke a second. To type “to be or not to be that is the question”. Right? On average how Iong is it gonna take my monkey friend one keystroke a second. I don’t know how you think it would be. Maybe you could have a guess. Would it be less or more than 600 million years, which is the period life on earth isn’t supposed to have emerged within. And when I run the numbers “to be or not to be that is the question” takes 12.6 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion years to type just that phrase and a DNA string which you have to fill out the life we have now doesn’t emerge in is not like I sentences worth of information a DNA string has got as much information as the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Are we saying that emerge something of that complexity emerge by chance undirected within 600 million years? Again, it’s mathematically possible but it’s so incredibly unlikely that it would have that it tilts me in favor of the Christian story in which God creating life, simply a question of saying let that be and there was.





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