PTE口语DI高频真题:Typing postures 配Grace老师音频答案



  • Typing posture 打字姿势
  • bend 弯曲
  • backbone 脊骨
  • spine 脊椎
  • lean 倾斜身体
  • eyesight 视力




  • The picture gives information about the right typing posture.
  • The left side of the picture demonstrates the wrong position, while the right side demonstrates the right position.
  • According to the picture, it is clear that it is wrong to bend the backbone and lean forward when typing. The spine should be kept straight.
  • Following that, we need to keep proper distance between our eyes and the screen in order to protect our eyesight.
  • In conclusion, the right typing posture can help reduce the harm and damage to our body.


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