PTE口语DI高频真题:Garbage Patch 配Grace老师音频答案



  • Be located 坐落于
  • Surround 围绕,包围
  • Rotate 旋转
  • Clockwise 顺时针
  • Anti-clockwise 逆时针
  • Heavily polluted 污染严重




  • The graph shows the continent-sized vortex of plastic waste blighting the Pacific.
  • According to the graph, the areas in dark colour represent the garbage patch. The eastern garbage patch is located near Japan and the western garbage patch is located near Hawaii.
  • Following that, the lines represent North Pacific Gyre currents. The one surrounding western garbage patch is rotating clockwise. The other one is rotating anti-clockwise.
  • In conclusion, the North Pacific is heavily polluted.


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