PTE口语高频考题:Re-tell Lecture真题音频分享041(含文本)

今天跟大家分享一道PTE真题 Re-tell Lecture常考题: Non-Governmental Organisations的内容。很多同学告诉我们遇到过这道题,墨尔本文波PTE的老师特别找到了这道题的音频。本篇PTE-RL的篇幅不长,下面大家就来听听看是否都能听懂这篇PTE真题吧!


I marvelled how the powerful can feel so powerless in the face of this global tide.

But in the face of this sense of disempowerment, there surprisingly is no decline in involvement in organisations which seek to share wealth and opportunities, protect one another’s rights and work towards the common good. According to the United Nations, civil society groups have grown 40-fold since the turn of last century.

Internationally, the non profit sector is worth one trillion dollars, and there are 700,000 such organisations in Australia alone. The UN recognises 37,000 specifically civil society organisations across the globe, and gave 3,500 accreditation to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development.

This profound movement towards harnessing voices and resources from outside the realm of governments and officialdom reflects a profound growth in NGOs, “the third sector”, as some call it. As Robert Putnam discovered in the field of local government in Italy, the best predictor of governmental success was the strength and density of a region’s civic associations.







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