PTE Re-tell Lecture 真实讲座练习题: 人工智能和DNA对比

在PTE中,无论是Summarise Spoken Text 还是 Re-tell Lecture的考题大都是从真实的讲座或者演讲中截取的,中间经常经常夹杂很多不同的环境音.很多同学都反映有时未必是听不懂,而是听不到. 鉴于此,墨尔本文波雅思PTE专门为大家总结了真实讲座的PTE练习音频,相比新闻音频来说,整体更加接近PTE考试的真题,内容方面,我们也会为大家提供考试中存在的近似题,最近我们会持续更新,敬请期待!


There’s a lot of people who agree with me, and there’re a lot of people who don’t, but my prediction is that when it happens it’s going to be a lot of computation and not so much cover blackboard whiteboard kinda stuff cover our rooms but just a lot of computation and that my theory is that if you look at your programming your DNA is about 600 megabytes compressed, it’s smaller than any modern operating system, smaller than Linux or Windows or anything like that your whole operating system that includes building up your brain you know by definition and so your program is probably not that complicated, it’s probably more about the overall competition, that’s my guess. We have some people to go over China artificial intelligence and to do it in a large scale on it. In fact, to make search better we really need to make you know to do a perfect job search you can ask any query and give you the perfect answer now be artificial intelligence based on everything going on the web was pretty close approximately. So I think we’re lucky enough to be working incremental cost a lot but again very very few people are working on this. I don’t think it’s that far off as people think.



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