CCL翻译中,Crash Crush Collide Smash应该怎么用?





If a vehicle crashes or someone crashes it, it is involved in an accident, usually a serious one in which the vehicle is damaged and someone is hurt.

crash可以是及物动词也可以是不及物动词, 如果是车crash了,一般情况比较严重,车被毁坏或者有人受伤。

We skidded on the ice and crashed. 我们在冰上打滑撞车了。
The plane crashed into a mountainside. 飞机撞到了山坡上。


名词 车祸 vehicle accident

A girl was killed yesterday in a crash involving a stolen crash

a sudden loud noise made, for example, by something falling or breakingShe heard the crash of shattering glass as the vehicles collided.The tree fell with a great crash.




可以说A and B collided

也可以说A collided with B(其中B可以是不动的东西)

if two people, vehicles, etc. collide, they crash into each other; if a person, vehicle, etc. collides with another, or with something that is not moving, they crash into it

The car and the van collided head-on(迎头撞上) in thick fog.

Two trains collided head-on.

collide with something/somebody 

The car collided head-on with the van.



crush somebody/something 挤压,捏碎,变形,如果是车crushed,那车基本整个压扁了,非常严重

to press or squeeze something so hard that it is damaged or injured, or loses its shape

The car was completely crushed under the truck.

They crush the olives with a heavy wooden press.

Several people were crushed to death in the accident.


crush somebody/something + adv./prep. to push or press somebody/something into a small space

Over twenty prisoners were crushed into a small dark cell.

crush something to break something into small pieces or into a powder by pressing hard

Add two cloves of crushed garlic.




smash(something) to break something, or to be broken, violently and noisily into many pieces

Several windows had been smashed.



to move with a lot of force against something solid; to make something do this+ adv./prep. 

the sound of waves smashing against the rocks



to hit something very hard and break it, in order to get through it

smash something + adv./prep. 

They had to smash holes in the ice.

The elephant smashed its way through the trees.

smash something + adj. We had to smash the door open.

smash something+ adv./prep. They had smashed through a glass door to get in.

smash something (up) to crash a vehicleHe’s smashed (up) his new car.





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