BBC Future文章阅读训练:不吃肉的世界是怎样的



If the world went meat-free, the consequences would be mixed (Credit: Getty Images)

The impact if the world went meat-free

  • If vegetarianism was adopted by everyone by 2050, the world would have about seven million fewer deaths every year – and veganism would bring that up to eight million.
  • 本篇文章通篇使用较多虚拟语气用法,比如第一句:if xxxx, xxx would xxx…


  • Food-related emissions would drop by around 60%, according to Marco Springmann, a research fellow at the Oxford Martin School’s Future of Food programme. This would be down to getting rid of red meat – which come from methane-producing livestock – from people’s diets.
  • emission |ɪˈmɪʃn| noun ,排放物

  • 第一句依旧是虚拟语气,according to 后面跟提出理论的人Marco Springmann,后面解释说明Marco Springmann是谁。
  • 第二句开头This 指代“emissions would drop”这件事情。两个连接符解释说明red meat。


  • However, farmers in the developing world could really suffer. Arid and semi-arid rangeland can only be used to raise animals, such as the Sahel land strip in Africa next to the Sahara; nomadic groups that keep livestock there would be forced to settle permanently and lose their cultural identities if there was no more meat.
  • However表转折,后面有逗号。
  • arid,干旱的;nomadic,游牧的


  • Repurposing former pastures into native habitats and forests would alleviate climate change and bring back lost biodiversity, including larger herbivores such as buffalo, and predators such as wolves, all of which were previously pushed out or killed in order to keep cattle.
  • pasture,草地,牧场;alleviate,减轻,缓和;biodiversity,生物多样性
  • 后半句including xxx开始,such as xxx 为插入语,all of which 表示共同特性,which带出从句“were previously xxxx”


  • Everybody currently engaged in the livestock industry would need to be retrained for a new career – this could be in agriculture, reforestation or producing bioenergy. Failing to provide career alternatives could lead to mass unemployment and social upheaval, particularly in traditionally rural communities.
  • 讲完改变养殖业对环境的影响后,话锋转到对人和社会的影响。
  • everybody…would need to be xxx,虚拟语气


  • Taking livestock like sheep away could actually have a negative impact on biodiversity, as their grazing has helped to shape the land for centuries – so some farmers could be paid to keep animals for environmental purposes.
  • 墨尔本悉尼文波PTE雅思培训学校的写作课程都会跟同学们提到英语写作中的让步反驳手法,本句前半句“could acturally have a negative impact”就是其中一个例子。


  • No more Christmas turkey – losing meat means that we would also lose traditions. Many communities around the world offer gifts of livestock at weddings and celebrations. For Ben Phalan at the University of Cambridge, this is “why efforts to reduce meat consumption have often faltered”.
  • No meat would lower the chances of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers – and so save the world 2-3% global gross domestic product in medical bills.
  • But we would need to replace meat with nutritional substitutes, in particular for the world’s estimated two billion-plus undernourished people. Animal products contain more nutrients per calorie than staples like grains and rice.
  • 最后句子说明为了替换肉食人类还需要做些什么。同样是虚拟语气“we would xxx”








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