CCL每日一译-Not to mention/let alone 你会使用么?

【墨尔本CCL】不像PTE讲究流利度,CCL讲究翻译精准。今天墨尔本文波CCL的Robert老师就给大家总结下not to mention和let alone如何使用。下面开始:

let alone without considering 不必考虑: There isn’t enough room for `us, let alone six dogs and a cat. 连我们的地方都不够, 更不必说六条狗和一只猫了. * I haven’t decided on the `menu yet, let alone bought the food. 我还没决定吃什麽菜呢, 更不必说买好了


not to mention sth
used to introduce an additional thing that makes a situation even more difficult, surprising, interesting etc
Pollution has a negative effect on the health of everyone living in the city, not to mention the damage to the environment.
It’s too far to walk, not to mention the fact that it’ll probably be closed by now anyway.


not to mention (infml 口) as well as 更不用说; 更不必说: He has a big house and an expensive car, not to mention a villa in France. 他有一所大房子和一辆昂贵汽车, 且不说在法国还有一座别墅了.






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