Fifteen artists from 12 Mediterranean countries kicked off the first in a series of annual concerts Saturday at the United Nations in Geneva intended to promote dialogue and understanding among civilizations.

Renowned musicians from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Greece, France, Palestine, Malta, Italy, Tunis and Cyprus performed in a succession of songs and instrumental pieces accompanied by the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Morocco.

Organizers of The Mediterranean Concert take the significance behind catch phrases such as “music speaks louder than words” or “music soothes the savage breast” seriously.

Miquel Angel Moratinos is president of the ONUART Foundation, a private organization that promotes cultural projects at international institutions in Geneva. He said ONUART decided to gather artists from Mediterranean countries so “we could have a clear message to this very moving and turbulent area at this time.”

He said the 15 artists, who come from different origins and musical styles, are able to convey through their music the message that the troubled Mediterranean region has been and always will be a flourishing civilization despite present and past conflicts.

Mediterranean:n. 地中海

a succession of:一系列的

Symphony Orchestra:n. 交响乐团

soothe:v. 缓和,安慰

savage:adj. 野性的, 凶猛的, 粗鲁的, 荒野的 n. 野蛮人, 粗人,凶恶的人

turbulent:adj. 骚动的; 骚乱的; 汹涌的


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