【PTE真题音频+文本】RL&SST 真题音频系列119:King

【墨尔本PTE】【 PTE真题】PTE听力和口语一直是PTE口语考试中最重要的部分,今天墨尔本文波PTE培训学校给大家总结下PTE中的RL真题:

At the top, you would have a king. Now the king would rule over a kingdom. Now this is not so easy to govern especially during the Middle Ages. And the king might owe many people, things especially people who help the king come to power, helped him despose the previous king or to conquer this land. And so in exchange for that and to help govern, he might grant land or feasts to other people. And the key currency in the Middle Ages under the feudal system is land. And land in exchange for loyalty and service. So this whole thing is a kingdom. Now right over here, this is a Duchy. And a Duchy will be controlled by a Duke. I guess I didn’t call it duckie because that just doesn’t sound as serious. So the king might grant a Duchy, a Duchy to a Duke and in exchage the Duke would provide loyalty, pledged their fealty. If the kingdom is threatened, the Duke will fight alongside. The King would provide their own troops if the king wants to go conquer other territories, same thing, and also provide the king with taxes which might be in the form of coinage depending on what time and region we are in the Middle Ages or it might be in the form of a percentage of the agricultural production from this Duchy.


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