【PTE真题音频+文本】RL&SST 真题音频系列117:Narritives

【墨尔本PTE】【 PTE真题】PTE听力和口语一直是PTE口语考试中最重要的部分,今天墨尔本文波PTE培训学校给大家总结下PTE中的RL真题:

The comics I show you with lots of people chatting around in a room is a form of description. We use different kinds of methods to describe a situation. Sometimes we have to use visual description, particularly when we do not witness the scenario. I was born during the Second World War and my hometown is XX, for example, when I asked my mother about the war, I always asked her you had mentioned this or that, when you talk to me, when you asked about the shelter, and I asked her what the shelter looks like and when did you go to the shelter. From her response I could get more visual evidence as I can to write my book.


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