【PTE真题音频+文本】RL&SST 真题音频系列109:Questionnaire

【墨尔本PTE】【 PTE真题】PTE听力和口语一直是PTE口语考试中最重要的部分,今天墨尔本文波PTE培训学校给大家总结下PTE中的RL真题:


What I’ve decided to provide is the steps I take when analysing my own questionnaires. However, before I begin, it will be useful to remind you of a few terms we use when talking about questionnaires. Questions can be divided into three types, this is sometimes called level of measurement. Firstly, we have category type questions, which are also known as nominal questions. These are when participants slect from a list of categories for their response such as male or female, or they may include ethnic origin. Secondly, we have ordinal type questions. These are similar to category questions but instead of categories being independent, there is some sort of order between them. If we ask people to indicate their age in categories, this is an ordinal type of question. Thirdly, we have continuous questions. These are any questions that can be answered by a number. It could be an open-ended question, asking participants to tell you how many times they’ve attended the lectures or how often they use the violin, or it could involve asking them to write the importance or intensity of some experience.


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