【PTE真题音频+文本】RL&SST 真题音频系列083:Climate change

【墨尔本PTE】【 PTE真题】PTE听力和口语一直是PTE口语考试中最重要的部分,今天墨尔本文波PTE培训学校给大家总结下PTE中的RL真题:

Climate change

Some adverse effects of climate changes to agricultural productions because some lands are unsuitable for growing crops. There will be millions of people facing hunger in Africa in the future. Climate change will result in less production and less food. It is difficult for developing countries to deal with climate change due to their financial status and other issues. There are many people living in hunger especially in Africa. The climate change has devastating effects on world economy. The tropical areas on earth are dry and hot, and are originally not suitable for food production. The change of the climate leads to extreme weather conditions such as flood and hurricane, which exacerbates the food production. As a result, it leads to a continuous decline in food supply annually around 10-17%. And this trend is perceived to be continue in the future by 2070. The regions suffering the most will be some African countries.


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