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Read Aloud

1.      Online shopping environments(new)

A uniquecharacteristic of online shopping environments is that they allow vendors to createretail interfaces with highly interactive features. One desirable form ofinteractivity from a consumer perspective is the implementation ofsophisticated tools to assist shoppers in their purchase decisions bycustomizing the electronic shopping environment to their individualpreferences.


2.      Internal combustionengine (new)

Internalcombustion engine, enabling the drive to decide which source of power isappropriate for the travel requirements of given journey. Major US automanufacturers are now developing feasible hybrid electric vehicles, and someare exploring fuel-cell technology for their electric cars.

3.      The only family (new)

Imagineliving all your life as the only family on your street. Then, one morning, youopen the front door and discover houses all around you. You see neighborstending their gardens and children walking to school. Where did all the peoplecome from? What if the answer turned out to be that they had always beenthere—you just hadn’t seen them?

4.      Electronic discourse

Electronicdiscourse is one form of interactive electronic communication. In this study,we reserve the term for the two-directional texts in which one person using akeyboard writes language that appears on the sender’s monitor and istransmitted to the monitor of a recipient, who responds by keyboard.


5.      Population

Howquickly is the world’s population growing? In the United States and otherdeveloped countries, the current growth rate is very low. In most developingcountries, the human population is growing at a rate of 3 percent per second.Because of this bustling growth rate, the human population is well on its wayto reaching 9 billion within lifetime.


6.      Clementson

Clementson wanted to see if claims of question dodgingactually held up, historically—not necessarily in the unique case of Trump. SoClementson analyzed the transcripts of 14 presidential debates, from 1996 to2012. Overall, he found 51 accusations of question dodging — 26 by Dems, 25 byRepublicans.

7.      Magnetars

Thebest comparison is likely a magnetar, a young neutron star with a powerfulmagnetic field, the researchers said. Magnetars also produce bright X-rayflares. While magnetars are thought to be young stars, the two flaring objectsin this study reside near elliptical galaxies, which contain older stars. Sothe objects are likely too old to be magnetars, the researchers said.


8.      Russia

Long isolated from Western Europe, Russia grew up withoutparticipating in the development like the Reformation that many Russians takingpride in their unique culture, find dubious value. Russia is, as a result, themost unusual member of European family, if indeed it is European at all. Thequestion is still open to debate, particularly among Russians themselves.

9.      Beauty contests

Beautycontests, whether it’s Miss Universe or Miss Teen International, are demeaningto women and out of sync with the times. Opponents say that they are nothingmore than symbols of decline. Since Australians Jennifer Hawkins and LaurynEagle were crowned Miss Universe and Miss Teen International respectively,there has been a dramatic increase in interest in beauty pageants in thiscountry.


10.  Semiconductor

Thesemiconductor industry has been able to improve the performance of electricsystems for more than four decades by making ever-smaller devices. However,this approach will soon encounter both scientific and technical limits, whichis why the industry is exploring a number of alternative device technologies.


11.  The preparation ofabstract

Thepreparation of abstract is an intellectual effort requiring general familiaritywith the subject to bring out of the points of an author’s argument course forskills and experience. Consequently, a considerable amount of qualifiedmanpower that could be used to advantage in other ways must be diverted to taskof facilitating or to information.


12.  Fiscal Year

At the beginning of each fiscal year funds are allocated toeach State account in accordance with the University’s financial plan. Fundsare allocated to each account by object of expenditure. Account managers areresponsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available in the appropriateobject before initiating transactions to use the funds.

13.  Botswana’s AIDS

AlthoughBotswana’s economic outlook remains strong, the devastation that AIDS hascaused threatens to destroy the country’s future. In 2001, Botswana has thehighest rates of HIV infection in the world. With the help of internationaldonors it launched an ambitious national campaign that provided free antiviraldrugs to anyone who need them, and by March 2004, Botswana’s infection rate hasdropped significantly.

Repeat sentence

1.        Thebuildings looked lovely in the bright sunshine. (new)

2.        Thepollution level is New Delhi has reached an alarming level. (new)

3.        Itis obligatory for companies to provide details of their industrial processes.(new)

4.        Thecity needs improved infrastructure to attract more investments. (new)

5.        Thequality of life is an important measure on which the cities are ranked. (new)

6.        Pleaseswitch off all electronic devices when you are attending a conference session.(new)

7.        Ithink we should get together over the weekend to discuss this assignment. (new)

8.        Careneeds to be taken for vulnerable groups during the periods of turmoil. (new)

9.        Johnwent rushing off down the corridor. (new)

10.    It’sjust a feeling having tried something new and succeeded. (new)

11.    Parentalexpectations are a major cause of stress among students. (new)

12.    Maryhas nobody to talk with, but she doesn’t feel lonely. (new)

13.    Pleasecarefully study the framework and complete the survey. (new)

14.    Whatis the most effective way of interaction between teachers and students inclass? (new)

15.    Tuesday’slecture on social psychology will now take place in the central hall. (new)

16.    Toimprove the essay, I decided to include more direct quotes. (new)

17.    Itis important to validate all assumptions before arriving at a conclusion. (new)

18.    Ifyour parents come to visit you this semester, where will they stay? (new)

19.    In1880, cycling became a major phenomenon in the United States. (new)

20.    Thisis the third time you’ve asked for an extension on this project. (new)

21.    Thenext semester has many demanding courses. (new)

22.    Themodern approach to the problem is to stress the symbolic side of human nature. (new)

23.    Ofall the heating options, central heating is the best. (new)

24.    Ifyou are working after 11 o’clock, who will drive you home? (new)

25.    Ithink it’s one of the best things I have done really. (new)

26.    Ispoke to him in English, but I couldn’t make myself understood. (new)

27.    Ijust want to let you know that I think you’re the most beautiful woman thatI’ve ever seen. (new)

28.    Thelecture tomorrow will discuss the educational policies in the United States.(new)

29.    Youcan have your laptop during the exam. (new)

30.    I’msorry for being late for today’s lecture. (new)

31.    Thepurpose is to build new houses for local people. (new)

32.    Thestudent housing is of very high quality, but still affordable. (new)

33.    Thelatest version of the operating system has many flaws. (new)

34.    Expertisein particular areas distinguishes you from other graduates. (new)

35.    Thekey findings seemed to contradict our initial hypothesis. (new)

36.    Thefinancial report for the last quarter will be available this afternoon. (new)

37.    Oneof the salients of academic writing is the tendency to use formal words. (new)

38.    Ofcourse, you can also choose to have your grades emailed to you. (new)

39.    We didn’t mean to ask him to do it because he cannotmanage it.

40.    There is a prestigious program for our university.

41.    Many undergraduate students go back home to stay withtheir parents after graduation.

42.    Our fundamental realities, especially national needs,have been the ability to flourish.

43.    I don’t understand what the comment of my essaymeans.

44.    Those reference books are too old, while the others areok.

45.    His lecture is always useful and stimulating.

46.    In my free time, I would like to read newspapers.

47.    Animals grow larger and stronger to hunt better.

48.    You can change your courses on the website during theregistration period.

49.    The program depends entirely on private funding.

50.    In Europe, the political pressure is similar regardingglobalization.

51.    It is clear that little accurate documentation is insupport of this claim.

52.    Make sure the Financial Director knows the full detailsof the Pay Agreement.

53.    The current statistical evidence indicates the need offurther research.

54.    The student service center is located on the main campusbehind the library.

Retell lecture

1.      Measuring food by hand(new)

I’m a dietitian and I work in clinical weight-loss recently.Accurately estimating portion size is critical in research or real-worldsettings. For example, if you’re trying to watch your weight and you’re out todinner and you’re presented with a bowl of food, there’s no really good way toactually estimate how much you’re eating unless you’re gonna whip some scalesout of your bag. So we wanted to find a more objective way for people toquantify what they’re eating when they’re out and about. I came up with a morehands-on approach. We got people to measure the dimensions of the food usingthe width of their fingers and remembering back to primary school maths. We usethe geometric volume formulas to estimate the weight of the food. To show youhow this works, I’ve ordered a piece of lasagna. And that’s my box, a glass ofwine and that’s my cylinder. And I’m feeling pretty healthy, so I order somewatermelon for dessert. And that’s my wedge. So this was I know it’s seven byfive, by four fingers. In the future, I see this method be incorporated intosmartphone applications. So you put your finger, it’s in along with your heightand your weight. And the app will do all of the calculations for you. And thenyou’ve got a more accurate way to estimate the portion size.

2.      File a Patent(视频)(new)

We’re thinkingabout this and we’re trying to say, alright, well, let’s file on a patent onthis clicker. If I were to go to the patent office and say, alright, I want apatent on a clicker, period. The patent officer would just laugh. You know, theclicker has been around for a while. Presentation clickers have been around fora while. And so there would be a 0% chance that you would actually get that. Ifwe were to somehow to convince the patent office that we should be able to geton a patent on clicker, period. It would, however, be incredibly valuable.Every single clicker that was made after this point would infringe. And when itinfringes, maybe we take one or two dollars each. That would be added up to bea decent amount of money. On the other end of the spectrum, let’s go to themillion-word version. I go to the patent office and I say, I want a patent onthis exact thing. And those million words describe every single radius, everysingle material, every single thing about this. And the patent officer says,yeah, we ‘ve never seen that before. Go ahead and take it. Almost 100% ofchance of getting that patent, but the value of that patent would be close tozero.

3.      Innovation and invention

He says innovation equals invention. Let me juststop here. Innovation equals invention often people mistake these two thingsfor the same thing. Innovation equals invention, they are not. Innovation issomething that generates value for the world. It makes something faster,better, cheaper. It gives someone some great satisfaction. An invention is anidea, a technology, a patent. In and of itself, it does not generate value. Sothese two are not the same thing. And sometimes you see them interchange. And that’snot correct. So innovation equals invention times commercialization. So andwhen we look at this equation of innovation something of value, it requires anew idea and then it requires someone or some organization that is going tocommercialize that idea. And to make it a value to the world.

4.      Questionnaires

What I’ve decided to provide is the steps that Itake when analyzing my own questionnaires. However, before I begin, it would beuseful to remind you of a few terms we use when talking about questionnaires.Questions can be divided into three types. This is sometimes called levelmeasurement. Firstly, we have category type questions, which are also known asnominal questions. These are when participants select from a list of categoriesfor their response, such as male or female or they may include ethnic origin.Secondly, we have ordinal type questions. These are similar to categoryquestions. But instead of the categories being independent, there is some sortof order between them. If we ask people to indicate their age in categories.This is an ordinal type question. Thirdly, we have continuous questions. Theseare any questions that can be answered by a number. It could be an open-endedquestion asking participants to tell you how many times they attended lecturesor how often they used a VLE. Or it could involve asking them to rate theimportance of intensity of some experience.

5.      Brain development(version 1)

Stages of Brain development- For brain development duringchildhood, there are three stages, starting from the primitive brain (theaction brain),limbicbrain (feeling brain), and finally to the neocortex (thought brain). Althoughinterrelated, the three had its own function. Primitive brain functions tomanage the physical to survive, manage reflex, motor motion control, monitoringbody functions, and process information coming from sensing. Limbic brainfunctioning as a liaison to process emotions and the brain thinks, and theprimitive brain. While the thinking brain, which is the most objective part ofthe brain, receiving input from the primitive brain and the limbic brain.

However, he needed more time to process information from theprimitive brain and the limbic brain. The brain thinks the merger is also aplace of experience, memory, feeling, and thinking ability to give birth toideas and actions. Nerve myelination of the brain takes place in sequence,starting from the primitive brain, the limbic brains, and brain thought. Neuralpathways are more frequently used to make more myelin thicken. Increasinglythicker myelin, the faster the nerve impulses or signals travel alone nerves.Therefore, a growing child is encouraged to receive input from the environmentin accordance with its development.


This lecture is mainly about brain development.

Different sections of the brain have different functions andthey finished development in different times.

Sensory, including vision and hearing, developed at embryotime and stop around 1 years old.

Language also developed from embryo time to a little longerthan 1 years old.

Higher cognitive function developed for a long time in thelater period.

Low development influence the future of higher development.


This lecture mainly talks about human brain development.Different sections of human brain have different functions.

For sensory pathways, including vision and hearing, developfrom embryo time, peak at 3-month old, stop at more than 1 year old.

Language develops from embryo time, peak around 9 monthsold, and stop at more than 1 year old.

Higher cognitive functions develop from embryo time, peak at1 year old and develop for a longer period of time.

Moreover, higher level functions, such as logical thinking,are based on lower level of development.


The lecture talks about 3 stages of brain development, whichare the primitive brain, limbic brain and neocortex.

The primitive brain mainly controls low-level bodyfunctions.

The limbic brain functions as a liaison.

The thinking brain receives and processes information fromthe other two brains.

Nerve myelination is so important that a growing childshould receive more inputs from environment.

6.      Brain development(version 2)

The brain is basically built from the bottom up. First, thebrain builds basic circuits that are responsible for basic skills. And thenmore complex circuits are built on top of those basic circuits as we developmore complex skills. Biologically, the brain is prepared to be shaped byexperience. It’s expecting the experiences that a young child has to literallyinfluence the formation of it’s circuity, it’s built into our biology. Theinteraction between genetics and experience that shapes brain architecture isembedded in the reciprocal relationship, the relationships that children havewith the adults in their lives. And by that, we mean what we refer to as theserve and return the nature of children’s interaction with their in adultsdevelopment and the impact of experience on development is not a one-waystreet, it’s a back and forth interaction.

The brain is a highly integrated organ which has multiplesections that specialized in different kinds of processes. So we have parts ofthe brain that are involved more in cognitive function and other parts that areinvolved in processing of emotion and parts involved in scene and hearing. So,if a child is emotionally kind of well put together and socially competent,that will affect more positive and productive learning. And if a child ispreoccupied with fears or anxiety or is dealing with considerable stress nomatter how intellectually gifted that child might be, his or her learning isgoing to be impaired by that kind of emotional interference.




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