• 【墨尔本PTE】PTE现在真题音频越来越多,今天文波PTE培训学校就给各位PTE考生找了一篇RL的真题音频,文波的小编亲自听写了文本。希望对大家有用:

Welcome to today’s lesson. We are continuing with our study of taxonomy. Taxonomy is how scientists classify organism into different groups based on the characteristics they share.So for instance, a good way to see gaxonomy is the US post service. If we want to send a letter to someone, first we start off by addressing to the nation they are in. By default, we usually assume that it is America but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It could be England, or Portarico or spain. You put their nation or their kingdom.Then within that kindom, you address to a flatly more specific level, their states, for exapme South Carolina would be the same as Firland. Within that state, you would address it to the city and then to their street number, the street they live on.Then you would address it to, say, they are partly complex. And within that complex, you address to their last name, their family. Then finally their first name, the specific person you want to get to. In this way, we are able to read out all the 400 million people who we don’t want to send our letters to, and America and pinpoint the exact person we want the letters to reach and in the same way scientists in the taxonomy try to pinpoint our living creature and organism and how it relates to everything else in the world.







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