Emma 老师

Melbourne IELTS Teacher


Emma 老师来自英国,英式口音甜美。Emma老师最大的特点是对语言本身的热爱以及对学生的负责。第一次她来墨尔本文波雅思时,等候时在读小说。后来和她深入聊后发现她很喜欢阅读,思考,旅游。她竟然和文波老师一样学过几年哲学。并不是每个外教改作文都很好,但是Emma改作文总是很快的就看出学生的问题,并给学生深入的改正和阅读建议,这得益于她的广泛阅读。课下Emma老师用自己的时间仍然和学生交流,给学生改作业,这也让我们很感动。Emma另外一特点是对生活,对教学的热爱。她每次给学生上课,教室不时总会传出学生和她的笑声。



Hello! My name is Emma, I ‘m from the UK and I recently completed a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults) teaching qualification.

I’ve only been in Melbourne since last December so I’m still excited about discovering this city! In my free time I love to read, cook, travel and i’m also learning Spanish.
In the past I’ve worked in hospitality as well as teaching English and used to train people in sales, and product knowledge, which gives me a unique way to work on students rapport as well as their language accuracy.
I have studied Philosophy, English Literature and Interior Design, all of which I believe contribute to my ability to teach students more than just the language of English but also ideas and concepts. I love sharing knowledge of English literature and culture which I believe encourages learners to progress more quickly.
I always provide contact with students outside of lessons to give them extra advice whether it is specific books to read or videos to watch so that they can target their learning more efficiently.
My passion is pronunciation and helping students to sound like a native speaker, I have had students from Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and China and am able to quickly identify and resolve any particular difficulties associated with that language when learning English.
Because I myself am learning a language, I understand many of the difficulties my students have when learning English as a second language and am able to help overcome them in creative and fun ways!