Colin 老师




Colin  先生是墨尔本文波雅思首席资深外教。Colin 先生有30多年的教学经验,在墨尔本的三所Primary School 做过15年的校长,在中国的大连交通大学教过7年半,获了很多奖,游历过60多个中国城市,对中国,澳洲的文化,社会,教育有深入的研究。同时Mr. Steere老师对于音乐有很深的造诣,曾经在墨尔本音乐学院做过4年钢琴老师。 Colin老师教过多年的ESL, 雅思,对于中国学生常见的用词错误,发音习惯,语法错误有着深入的了解,他在课堂上可以用最有效的方式解释清楚。Colin 老师在墨尔本文波雅思教授的课程有:7分-8分写作一对一;6-8分口语一对一;口语班课。咨询电话:0410-458812

“I am an Australian Professional Educator with many years experience as a teacher and as a school principal.  I have just returned from Dalian Jiaotong University (China) after teaching there for 7.5 years.    I am a specialist in teaching IELTS, EAP, Business English and English for Preparation into Australian universities.    While teaching in China I received a number of prestigious awards for my dedicated work.   I love to teach international students and I have a good record of being friendly and helpful to university  students over the past decade.    Many of my past students have entered universities in Melbourne and Sydney.  I can assist you with Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary  as well as all the requirements of IELTS.While in China I was also able to do quite a lot of playing piano  and I performed in a number of concerts as well.”


Education Qualifications & Experience

2013/14                                   Receiver of Liaoning Province Friendship Award

For Teaching and Services to Liaoning.

2012/13                                   Receiver of Dalian Xinghai Friendship Award

For Teaching and Services to Dalian*

2008 – August till present      Dalian Jiaotong University.

Employed by YUCUI (Shanghai).

2008 – May                               NMIT. (North Melbourne Institute of TAFE)

Teaching “English for Business and Global

Communication” in China.  Second half of course.

2007, October                         NMIT.  Teaching “English for Business and Global                                                                         Communication” in China.  First half of course.

2007, April                             Coordinator of new course “Diploma of Further Study”.  Continuing as per 2005/6

2006, March                           Acting Campus Manager (MIC) – short term. As per ‘05

2005, October                         ESL Coordinator and Manager of second floor

Continue as Business Marketing teacher.

ESL coaching to individuals and small groups

2005, February till present:    Teacher of Business Marketing –  Cert IV, Dip & Adv Dip

Melbourne International College

2005, January:                                    ESL Teacher – Melbourne International College

2004, November:                                       Holmes Institute teacher Training Centre                                                                             Melbourne, Australia

Cambridge  CELTA

2004-1990                            Principal

6.5 Yrs                         –        Teesdale

6.5 Yrs                        –           Anakie

2.0 Yrs                        –           Simpson

1978-1974                               Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

University of Melbourne

B Mus Ed

1972                                        National Service

1970                                        Diploma of teaching Primary

English Teaching (ESL) Experience:


  • Teaching in China (Dalian – Liaoning Province).  Dalian Jiaotong Univeristy. As below.
  • Teaching in China (Henan Province) at JiYuan Vocational College. English for Business and Global Communication” in China.  Complete course as established and set by NMIT (North Melbourne Institute of Tafe).
  • University students from Korea – Melbourne International College
  • Multinational groups of adults at various ESL level  – Melbourne International College
  • Primary schools with significant numbers of ESL students
  • Used the New Interchange, Oxford Headway and the Longman Matters series of course books
  • Used a range of ELT resource books and personal resources
  • Used video, overhead projectors, games, songs, audio cassettes, flashcards and realia etc.
  • Have timetabled a series of lessons and planned a balance of activities and skills practice.



Skills acquired include:

Conveying meaning of new language                                    Teaching pronunciation

Teaching functions                                                                  Teaching new vocabulary

Motivating students                                                                       Correcting students

Adopting a communicative approach                                    Liaising with colleagues

Planning well-staged lessons                                                        language analysis.


I was the ESL co-ordinator at Melbourne International College and I have developed my skills in teaching Business English  I have also a long history of teaching younger learners.


Other Teaching Experience.

  • A long and successful career with the Victorian Education Department with 15 years in the principal class.  For three years during my years as principal at Teesdale P.S. I was part of the principal accreditation process which required “assessing” other principals.
  • Teaching piano, organ, keyboard and theory for the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board).


Non-teaching Experience

  • Professional musician, National Service.
  • This past month I performed on Stage in JiYuan as part of the May day celebrations put on by the college to an audience of over 45,000 people.
  • Last December 2007 I held my own personal concert for the College.


Cultural Awareness:

Countries Visited:

  • Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Hawaii, USA (mainland), Bahamas


I have taught students from:

  • China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Germany, Italy, & Poland.